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Jugni Review: The Complicated Love Story with A Lot of Music!

By Dreamtechie

If you’re one of those who complain about Bollywood getting a bit too monotonous in terms of content, then Jugni is the movie that will affirm your thoughts. Categorised as a ‘Romantic Musical Film’, Jugni has much to offer under both heads.

Marking the debut of its director and writer Shefali Bhushan, Jugni revolves around Vibhawari (played by Sugandha Garg), a music director, who visits a village in Punjab in search for a soulful voice for her upcoming movie. The title Jugni literally means ‘free like a firefly’, which perfectly defines the carefree nature of the lead, Vaibhawari.

Jugni 2016 full movie review

In Punjab, she meets Bibi Saroop (played by Sadhana Singh), who happens to be a perfect voice for Vaibhawari’s movie. Bibi’s son, Mastana (played by Siddhanth Bahl), also has a beautiful voice and our lead instantly develops a fondness for it.

And the rest is what you have been seeing in most of the romantic movies. But there is a little twist. Though both of them are engaged to different people, gradually and eventually they fall in love with each other. The complications of their past get the story moving at a steady pace. Oh yes, all this goes on with their recording process.

A major portion of the movie has been shot in Punjab, and you will get a healthy dose of crisp Punjabi dialogues. The shooting has been done in real yet beautiful locations while showing the beauty of the rich soil of Punjab. Jugni has very efficiently blended the modern and traditional elements and has also managed to maintain a level of simplicity. This is a really great achievement for a debutant director.

The dialogues of all the characters are simply raw and real. And they perfectly fit for the situations that the director intended to show the audience. When compared, the second half of the movie seems a lot better than the first half, as a lot of things are happening in the story then. And then comes the climax, which is the most divine part of the movie, and you will have to see the movie for this.

Sugandha Garg has done a handful of movies and TV shows, and has received acclamation for her fine acting skills. The story here is no different. Both Sugandha and Siddhanth did justice to their respective roles with spot on expressions and timing. Sadhana Singh in the character of Bibi Saroop has also performed her part quite well.

Being based on music, it isn’t possible for to miss talking about the music in the movie. Clinton Cerejo, with Vishal Bhardwaj and A.R. Rahman have contributed to the music of Jugni, and the results are phenomenal. The songs and music are entirely different to what we’re accustomed of listening, and will make you listen the songs over and over again.

All in all, the movie is a great blend of music and romance, but still music dominates the movie. The director has done a fine job of bringing a great story and characters together and creating a worthy flick. For this weekend you should definitely consider watching Jugni for its simplicity and storyline.

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