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Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review| No More Clogged Pores

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Jovees bridal brightening face creme review

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In my previous review, you might have read my experience about Jovees bridal brightening face wash. In this post, I am going to review face creme from the same bridal range. Moisturizing is an important step for keeping the skin healthy and young. Sometimes I try to skip my moisturizer and use just my sunscreen which does the job of both moisturizer and sunscreen. The reason why I skip my face creme is that my T-zone is oily and I get scared that face creams will clog my pores. So if you are like me then this Jovees bridal brightening face creme may work well for you. Read the review and decide if you want to try this!

Jovees bridal brightening face creme review

Price: Rs.265

Availability: Jovees site, Nykaa, Amazon

Active ingredients

Turmeric Root Extract, Strawberry Fruit Juice, Papaya Fruit Juice, Watermelon Fruit Juice, Honey, Lemon Fruit Juice, Grape Fruit Juice, Jojoba Oil, Ginseng Root Extract.

My experience with Jovees bridal brightening face creme

How’s the packaging?

The packaging is same as that of the jovees bridal brightening face wash. Their bridal skincare range has the same packaging.

Jovees bridal brightening face creme review

How’s the color, texture and consistency?

This Jovees bridal brightening face cream is light pink in colour. This face cream/ moisturizer is creamy and soft. It blends and gets absorbed into the skin immediately. It has a medium consistency.

How’s the smell?

Jovees bridal brightening face creme has a mild fruity smell and will not bother even people with a sensitive nose.

How is this Jovees bridal brightening face creme?

I have normal to oily skin and this face cream is not at all heavy on my skin. It blends easily into the skin and provides good hydration. I wash my face with Jovees bridal brightening face wash and next moisturize my face with this jovees bridal brightening face creme. The face wash makes my skin slightly dry and that dryness goes away after using this face creme. So when I use both Jovees face wash and face cream together I do feel my skin looking clean and clear and brightened. But then this brightness obviously doesn’t last long.

And a pea size amount provides enough hydration to oily skin. If you have dry skin then you can use a bit more of the product. According to me, this jovees bridal brightening face creme is going to hydrate all skin types except extremely dry skin.

So in terms of moisturization, this face cream works really well. The jovees bridal brightening face creme did not make my face oily for almost 3 hours or more than that. Neither did it clog my pores nor did this cream cause breakout (A big thumbs up for this) Because oily skin people always have a problem of clogged pores when it comes to using any moisturizer. This cream melts into the skin and nourishes the face without clogging pores.

And yeah one more thing, this face creme is suggested to be used at night as the skin repairs and heals faster during the night. But I use it both in the morning and at night. And at night I apply this cream and then layer it up with dermocalm for extra hydration.

Amazing things about Jovees bridal brightening face creme

Travel-friendly packaging


Doesn’t clog the pores

Doesn’t cause breakouts

Not too heavy on the skin

Didn’t sweat on my face

Loved the ingredient list

Blends and get absorbed into the skin immediately

Suitable for all skin types except extremely dry and flaky skin


Recommended to use at night by the brand, but while using at night I would advise you to follow it up with some other hydrating product. Because at night you need to give extra hydration to your skin than compared to daytime.

Overall verdict

Jovees bridal brightening face creme is hydrating and light on the skin. Even oily skin people can try this without fearing about clogged pores.


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