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Journey of a Full Time Work from Home Momprenuer – Ruchika Bharadwaj

By Themommytale

As soon as my motherhood journey kicked off. I made my mind and gave up my full time job. Taking care of my child and my family is always my first priority. But, I wanted to work as well. So I started looking for work from home options. After trying many options I came across one name Ruchika Bharadwaj. She supported me and many moms who give up their professional life for their family and wish to earn and grow professionally. We are back with an inspiring story of a mom - Ruchika Bharadwaj.

The co-founder of Workoid, Ruchika is a self-motivated, fitness enthusiast and mother of 2 boys. She has diverse credentials and a strong corporate background with 14+ years of experience in Customer Relations, Revenue Assurance and Recruitment. Her goal was to find a way to work professionally from home and achieve financial independence. While pursuing her goal, she and her partner at Workoid have helped many ladies achieve the same. Her favorite lines - लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती, कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती.

Ruchika Bharadwaj shares a glimpse of her Motherhood journey with us. she says...

I have heard Motherhood being defined as a God's gift, a wonderful blessing and so on. But somehow my experience of Motherhood is all about Serving !!. Being a mother of 2 boys, my motherhood journey began in October 2003 and since then I have been serving as a mother, friend, caretaker, driver, helper, game partner, healer, masseur, Maths marathon partner, and so on. The list is endless The elder one is 13 yrs old (yes a teen) and younger one is 10 years old. Ask my kids and they will vouch that I am the monster! Motherhood is a mixed bag - sheer hard work, bond, sacrifice, happiness, messy maze!

On a serious note, being a mother is a change agent, rewarding and scary all at the same time.

My parenting style would be best described as Take it or LEAVE IT MOSTLY. One thing I adore is routines, have always been a Timetable Mom purely for My Convenience. On weekdays I scream, sometimes request to get things done and on weekends I feel like a Black Jack Dealer - it's all about making a deal - TV time, play time, Screen time and so on. We stopped watching TV on weekdays a few years back.

If I were to describe the latest experience with my boys that would be our 35kms cycle ride last month (Sans Dad). Tense, fun moments along with an eye opener as to how my boys are growing up so fast. We are planning longer rides now.

Ruchika Bharadwaj is a successful name in Recruitment Industry,here she shares - inception of Workoid and her professional struggles.

I would like to go with Experienced rather than successful! Successful sounds too big and Workoid has a long road ahead. After working the regular grind of 9 to 6 for about 6 odd years in the telecom industry, I decided to when Saarthak was born in 2003. After working for 6+ yrs, this was the first time I was at home with a kid for company. Anyways, my younger one was born in 2006 and another few years passed taking care of the boys.

I started my journey in Recruitment in 2009 and learned the ropes. After 5 years, decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge with my mentor, my partner - Amita and Workoid was born.

Recruitment are all about matchmaking, numbers and client relationships The first biggest challenge was Amita's relocation to London. We needed to manage the time difference. Also, the next challenge was scaling up and doing something different in terms of domains, industry etc.

Workoid helps women's Especially moms and gives a platform to work from home. Such a lovely idea isn't it but, It takes lot of effort to manage the virtual teams and client. Ruchika Bharadwaj says...

Workoid is a company with a completely new and innovative idea to give the chance to women to work from home while giving the much needed and deserved attention to their family. Our model of working-from- home was primarily built upon personal motivation.

So what does Workoid Do? We assist our clients with their Hiring needs. Basically, we play the matchmakers for a prospective employer and a suited candidate.

Our team mostly consists of women between 22 and 45 years, most of them married, with kids and the responsibility of running the household. The team is spread Pan India and has experience in hiring for domains and sub domains like Analytics, Client servicing, Sales and marketing, Branding, Chartered Accountants, engineers, Presales, Finance, Legal, Commercial, Network, IT, Operations, HR, etc.

Our set up is highly dependent on the new technology. After all, with most members miles apart from each, technology is the only string connecting them. We work on Google platforms and applications aided with smart Phones, Skype, etc. The biggest advantage of this work form is that our virtual office keeps the team together, that too without intruding into anyone's privacy.

I and Amita travel as and when required to meet our clients and on a daily basis, we connect with the clients telephonically and emails. Sometimes it feels we are communicating more with our respective HR leads than our husband!

Balancing a Professional life and Motherhood is again a skillful task. Ruchika Bharadwaj says..

As the saying goes " Change is Constant", so has been my life post marriage. I am a full-time mom with a full-time business working from home and it's EXHAUSTING! My better half has a grilling work schedule. 2016 I moved cities the 9th time and it has not been easy. New school, new culture, new roads, new Maids (most important).

Being a full-time working -from-home mother can lead to loads of feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family.

The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between work routine and kids routine. Family support, especially husband and kids can be monumental in this work form.

Ruchika Bharadwaj suggest to our readers who wish to join work from home squad.

  • Define your workspace.
  • Get ready and sit down to work every day as if you are going to the office
  • Sensitize family members regarding your work and routine
  • Make routines and stick to them
  • Snatch some time for yourself
  • Exercise
  • Be happy

Ruchika Bharadwaj has achieved professionally as well as she rules the heart of her team. She says...

Workoid is still Work-In -Progress. With a lot of focus on Diversity (female) Hiring, we are being approached by clients for diversity hiring specifically. We are currently a team of 12 to 15 recruiters working on managerial to leadership levels with clients spread across industry like telecom, BPO / Ites, Media, IT, Consulting Firms, Manufacturing, Mining etc. We dream to expand once kids grow older and we wiser!

Here Ruchika Bharadwaj has a message for our readers. Who wish to work and at the same time they are mothers.

For empowerment, women need a professional life. Professional life adds perspective to our thought process. Women should work for financial independence, learning, diverse life experiences, own self-esteem, learn key life skills, etc. We experience this every time we talk to a new recruiter. There are so many of us who would like to contribute professionally within our family obligations. Workoid feels pride in having a shot at providing this opportunity.

Pursue a hobby anything which gives you happiness. For me, morning workouts are a great stress buster and give me a lot of positive energy. I picked up running seriously in 2011 and since then have managed 4 half marathons (21.09 kms). I try to run thrice a week (5kms - 8 kms) and hit the gym daily. I get my highs from trying new workouts - Tabata, Zuu, TRX, Power Yoga, Body Pump, Technospin, HIT etc. I am a movie buff and love watching sitcoms.

I am thankful to you, Mrs. Ruchika Bharadwaj for sharing your journey with us, it is truly inspiring and I wish you all the best for future.

I am sure her journey has touched you. You can checkout more about Mrs. Ruchika Bharadwaj here

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