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Join The Cultural Mission: Discovering Our Jewish Past And Present

By Melody Schubert @USATM
Join The Cultural Mission: Discovering Our Jewish Past And Present
On the upcoming Discovering Our Jewish Past And Present cultural mission in June, participant's will engage in advocacy for the safety of the local Jewish community, and leadership development. Of course, their will be time for sightseeing and special programs along the way on this unique trip.
Participants will enjoy VIP meetings with community leaders and high-ranking diplomats, 4-star accommodations, sightseeing and guided tours of both cities’ incredible architectural treasures, unforgettable behind-the-scenes experiences with the local Jewish community, and home hospitality.
Openings are still available for the cultural mission that will explore the Dohany Synagogue; Jewish Museum and Cemetery; cruise on the Danube; Parliament Building; Great Market Hall and more. Among highlights in Prague: Old City and ghetto; historic synagogues and State Jewish Museum; tour of Terezin concentration camp; Holocaust Memorial Day service; and a tour of Golden Prague.
Co-chairing the mission are Dr. Mark Popovsky, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Haemonetics, Inc., and Ron Czik, an IT Development Manager. “Through meetings with Jewish community leaders, we can become better advocates for their communities, demonstrate ‘Klal Yisrael,’ our solidarity and support. These proud, self-identifying Jews are bravely staying put. American Jewry has clout on many levels and this is the best way to increase awareness and show the world these communities are alive and well.” Ron Czik said, “In light of growing worldwide anti-Semitism, this trip takes on even more meaning.” Czik has a special affinity to Hungary as members of his family are Holocaust survivors from Hungary.
Prague’s Jewish community dates back to the 13th century.  Very few Czech Jews survived the Holocaust; a quarter million died at the hands of the Nazis and 60 synagogues were destroyed.  Today, about 4,000 Jews reside in the Czech Republic. Hungary’s Jewish community dates back to 895 AD or earlier. Over 600,000 were killed by the Nazis. Today‘s Jewish population is about 120,000, mostly in Budapest, making it one of Europe’s largest. There are many active synagogues in Hungary, including the largest in Europe the second largest in the world.
The mission is a direct outgrowth of the 2011 Men’s Club Biennial Conference where American community leaders were challenged to find ways to connect with young Jewish professionals around the world who are courageously leading their historic communities into the 21st century.
Getting There:
To learn more about this cultural mission and for reservation contact Mark A. Popovsky, M.D.,  [email protected] or Ron Czik at [email protected].

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