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JK Rowling – An Astrological Profile of the Children’s Fantasy Writer and Creator of Harry Potter.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

jk rowling

As the final episode of the Harry Potter saga hits the silver screen tomorrow night in it’s London premiere, I thought it fitting to have a look at JK Rowling, the multi-million selling author of the Harry Potter novels to see what makes her tick, so to speak. JK has also been in the news after splitting from her book publisher.

Born Joanne Rowling on 31st July 1965 in Bristol in England, (sadly no birth time) JK is a proud Sun sign Leo with a careful Virgo Moon. The Moon is one of five planets placed in Virgo, the most literary of signs. If you were to go back in history, you would countless writers and novelists with significant planets in Virgo. The combination of the Leo Sun and Virgo Moon gives JK plenty of energy to burn and it is done in a cautious, meticulous and studious way. No stone will be let unturned in anything that JK does, it will have to be done correctly. This combination gives her a great desire to please, but in a less dramatic way than with most Leo Suns. JK will be quite humble and unassuming, she will like things that way.

JKRowling natal

Going back to that 5 planet stellium in Virgo, we find alongside the Moon, Pluto and Uranus the planets which shaped the 60’s bringing forth a generation who would look to overturn the staid and conservative values their parents would have had. Also here is Venus and Mercury. Venus conjuncts with Uranus, one of those placings which always seems to cause problems with relationships. Venus/Uranus is electric attraction, often to unusual non-traditional people. Relationships burn brightly for a short time, but the novelty often wears off once reality sets in the two will part and go their separate ways. JK was briefly married to a Portuguese  journalist, but the marriage lasted barely 6 months. Venus in Virgo generally can go one of two ways. Either having a string of relationships, easily moving on from one to the next (remember Virgo is a mutable sign so moving on is a natural to those with mutable charts) or quite the opposite and the person with Venus in Virgo will adore from afar, not having the courage to start a relationship in the first place, especially if badly aspected. Those with this placing are most discriminating, looking quite simply for perfection.

JK’s Venus is conjuncted by not only Uranus but by Pluto too and the impact of the failed marriage dragged JK down into the underworld (Pluto) of clinical depression (Virgo of course is the “health” sign of the zodiac). The stellium in Virgo is opposed by Saturn in Pisces. With Saturn opposite the Moon, the indications were always there that her relationships would suffer disappointments throughout her life. Any opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis I believe has a great effect on the health of the subject especially if Saturn and/or Pluto are based here affecting other planets by tension aspects (opposition/square). Here again we have a case of Saturn opposite Pluto, Uranus and the Moon on this axis line. In late 1993 when JK’s marriage was breaking up, Solar arc Pluto was square to both Saturn and Pluto, causing confusion in her mind, dragging her down and debilitating her whole self. Whenever these oppositions are hit by a transiting planet, it will have a direct impact on her.

Saturn of course is ambitious and constructive and makes a quindecile to the last of the Virgo planets, Mercury, the planet of the mind and of communication. Here the Virgo/Pisces axis show their constructive side. You see, Saturn is in Pisces ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and dreams. In JK these dreams are made into “solid form” by Saturn, however they need an outlet. The outlet, through the obsessive quindecile aspect to Mercury is through communication and writing (Mercury in Virgo). Those dreams and the imaginary world could be interpreted with great detail (Virgo) and be put into form and structure (Saturn). JK was from an early age going to be a writer.  So what would those dreams consist of? Well the Saturn opposite Virgo stellium makes a wedge structure with Neptune in Sagittarius at the point. Neptune in Scorpio hints at imaginary adventures, far off places beyond the realm of normal humans with a dark undercurrent. One other thing to note at this point is that Neptune in Scorpio can be seen as a dream-world (Neptune) associated with big business (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto). A theme park is being built and the films (Neptune rules film) and books have made JK a fortune.

Uranus in the wedge brings the unusual, magic, tension and rebellion. Pluto  brings in the realms of dark hidden forces of evil. The Moon adds emotion and Venus the social elements and camaraderie. Saturn shows authority & restriction, the forces of good versus the forces of evil (Saturn opposite Pluto). Jupiter in Gemini sits at the point of a t-square formation fanning out to the Moon/Saturn opposition. Here is the final piece of the jigsaw about the the Harry Potter books. JK writes (Gemini is ruled by Mercury) about growing up at school, about wisdom, about knowledge and faith (all ruled by Jupiter). Jupiter in Gemini has a huge thirst for knowledge, JK will always be reading, watching TV, news and wanting to know what is going on in the world.  Jupiter in Gemini also can connect and translate the world you live into another more imaginary one, and as such a lot of the characters and events in the books she has written, have great similarities to those she has experienced in her own life. Jupiter trines to Mars, giving an enterprising spirit and the belief you can do just about anything if you really want to. That belief extends to JK herself and her success has now given her the ability to do pretty much anything this wants to as well in her own life. The theme of the whole series of books are contained within the aspects of the chart and tend to reflect the inner and outer character of JK herself.

Finally I return back to the Sun. Sitting peregrine (unconnected to any major planet by major aspect) and proud alone, it dominates the whole chart. The Sun wishes to be recognised as the very best one can be, and to be appreciated for one’s work and contributions in life. By shaping and dominating the children’s book world for more than a decade and more importantly for bringing a new importance and enthusiasm to children and adults alike to rediscover the wonder of books, stories and reading, JK surely has fulfilled the desires of her Leo Sun.

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