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Jimmy Kimmel’s “Movie: The Movie 2V” Trailer

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by 2cool4blog @2cool4blog


Some of you may not know this, but they held the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony just yesterday. And on Oscar nights, Jimmy Kimmel tends to invite his friends along to create a ridiculous sketch for all of us to enjoy. They did a bit called Movie: The Movie last time around, and they were looking to create a sequel trailer even bigger than the first one with the likes of John Krasinski, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain, and Oprah joining in on the fun. 

So let’s take a look.

That was…alright. It had its moments (like the Tatum part), but it definitely doesn’t beat out the first one. But maybe that was the point. Maybe it was meant to be inferior because sequels tend to underachieve in Hollywood. But why would you intentionally make an inferior product for a sketch comedy? I’ll stick with the first Movie: The Movie trailer.

In case you haven’t seen it before (or you’ve seen it before and want to see it again), here it is.

Ah…it’s just…so much better.

Written by Daniel Lee



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