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Jill Simpson Has Ideas on Why Dry Alabama Scammer Matt Osborne Sought Access to Our Home After My "arrest for Blogging" -- and There is Evidence, Related to a Radio Interview with Bob Kincaid, to Back Her up

Posted on the 17 April 2019 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Jill Simpson has ideas on why Dry Alabama scammer Matt Osborne sought access to our home after my

Matt Osborne

Matt Osborne, the "brains" behind the Dry Alabama false-flag scam, probably visited our home just days after my "arrest for blogging," in an effort to gain access to our computer, according to a political insider.
Dana Jill Simpson, a retired attorney and whistle blower in the Don Siegelman political prosecution, said in a recent Facebook post that Osborne was asking around about our computer in the days before visiting (with a female companion) my wife Carol while I was in the Shelby County Jail. The Dry Alabama scheme, which violated 18 U.S.C. 371 (Conspiracy to Defraud the United States), was designed to trick potential Roy Moore voters and help Democrat Doug Jones land a seat in the U.S. Senate.
Jones, who has strong ties to Alabama's right-wing criminals (Rob Riley, Bill Pryor, Jeff Sessions, etc.), long has trashed our reporting and almost certainly was involved in cheating me out of my job at UAB, causing my violent arrest and incarceration, and helping engineer the theft of our home via a wrongful foreclosure. All, or part, of this likely was driven by Jones' displeasure regarding our reporting on his work with Rob Riley that netted $51 million in attorney fees from a lawsuit against HealthSouth and affiliated entities.
That's why we have referred to Jones as a "bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling," and Simpson has stated the Jones-Osborne alliance goes back several years, probably at least to my arrest in October 2013 and Osborne's curious visit to our home under what now appear to be false pretenses.
Is it my imagination that Osborne might have visited our home with underhanded motives? Jill Simpson doesn't think so. From her Facebook post, dated April 11:
What we recall about Matt visiting Carol was him asking for access to Roger's computer, and Carol telling us when I called to see about her, as I heard what Rob (Riley) had done, and she told us she did not give access to Roger's computer to Matt and the woman with him who wanted access -- nor was she ever giving it to anyone or taking that stuff down. She did not think they should have access to Roger's computer, but they had been asking about it, and I told her to hang on to Roger's stuff, as Roger had not long been in jail long.

We have evidence to support Simpson's statement. While at our home, Osborne arranged an interview with a progressive talk-show host. Carol, at first, was not certain about the host's name, but we now know it was Bob Kincaid, co-founder of the Head On Radio Network (HORN) in West Virginia.  (The interview can be heard in a video at the end of this post and at this link.) Carol's recollection is fuzzy on some details, but she believes Osborne suggested the interview be done via Skype -- and that would have involved use of our computer. Carol informed him that our laptop at the time was not equipped with a camera that would handle Skype, so the interview was done by telephone.
Did Osborne try to gain access to our computer? Based on Carol's memory, the answer is yes -- and that fits with the Jill Simpson narrative:
Around that time is when I had an Oppo person from the religious right contact me,  saying this was a Rob (Riley) deal, and I was in bed awaiting surgery. The judge doing meanness in the fall to me said he knew I wasn't sick at all . . . in his order. I have always thought that was because they and he knew from my bed with neck surgery I convinced folks to let Roger go, as the judge said something about he knew I worked and that is the only thing I did, and I got Andy Kreig to come talk to Carol, who refused to take it down. Jim drove me with a bunch of pillows around me to see Andy, and Andy I think would tell you I collapsed that day and could not even go to dinner with him. It was during that time I was called by Anonymous and told they heard my problem with Carol was she would not take it down because she and Roger stood by his sources and frankly everyone was scared he was going to die, as a guy above him did commit suicide.
An Anonymous caller said,"Jill, we would fix it where the Rob Riley stuff came down by Carol but went back up in India, as they had ways of knowing it was true and did so. They said they knew the whole bunch's secrets, and I believed the caller, as I had a similar call about what happened on Team Themis deal when a guy was following me and folks thought it might be dangerous. . . . I was told they don't like this BS by Rob and Luther (Strange) and liked our work in Alabama with the press and believed in protecting free press folks like me and Roger. It went up in India the day after Carol took it down,  and I must admit I smiled as I have an Anonymous angel who likes my work and Roger's, as well.

The caller from the Anonymous hacktivist group told Simpson they had emails involving Alabama right-wingers that revealed who was behind my arrest -- and the communications showed I was targeted because of my accurate reporting on a number of sensitive topics (likely extramarital affairs involving Rob Riley-Liberty Duke and Luther Strange-Jessica Medeiros Garrison, plus Bill Pryor's ties to 1990s gay porn via Writes Simpson:
So folks know, Anonymous is a huge group, and I have zero idea who this person was. Anonymous polices bad behaviors on the Web, like the stunt pulled on Roger, and I as a journalist had covered their stories early on so I got the calls but was talking to numerous journalists . . . who had published about our Shuler in jail problem.  I admit that, but I did not do the sex stories; that belongs to Doug Jones and his former law firm Haskell Slaughter, for their gaming kings.
I think it was a very good deal that Matt Osborne did not get that computer, and Carol held folks off, as around that time I heard Matt was part of Doug's Netroots buddies and ran something called Breitbart Unmasked. That is another odd thing Matt was mentioned by the Ali Akbar crowd, who were after Breitbart Unmasked, and Roger and I were getting unwanted credit there as some "RogerS" appeared -- Roger Shuler said it was not him. I  have long believed it was some of Matt's bunch, which I believe was the same as the Jones bunch.
We tried for months to get Carol to remove the Rob Riley story, but Carol let us know she thought Roger told the truth, as she had some knowledge about sources and had a good story and she did not want it taken down just to please Rob and Luther -- nor did Roger. I think that is why Carol has had so much happen to her in the years that have followed. I know they kept trying to arrest her, and she evaded them and then had all that awfulness happen with her arm.

Much of this ugliness tends to feature Doug Jones, writes Simpson:
Doug always pleads innocence. he even plotted to get Tommy (Gallion) and Milton (McGregor) on a deal, so Doug could run the operation himself after Tommy took him in. I called Tommy. and Doug said no I was lying. But it became all too clear when Doug's DOJ buddies had been listening in on Tommy and Milton's calls and had Milton arrested. . . .

Jill Simpson has ideas on why Dry Alabama scammer Matt Osborne sought access to our home after my

Doug Jones

I have had six bad months of health issues not doing anything to them in blogger wars that go on to this day except outing their nuclear mess from past research --  and up pops Matt Osborne writing shit for Doug Jones on me, which I have been forced to respond to because he has called me basically a liar and a person who libeled Doug with a story he had told and is responsible for as he ran his mouth to Milton about Rob and Liberty meeting on that island where Rob worked, and she did a bunch of work (at Dauphin Island) that he got for her -- and they followed that love story through folks that retired from ABI,  who got, in my opinion, folks to tell Roger. Those stories about Rob and Luther started at Doug's very own former law firm Haskell and Slaughter, which went belly up in bankruptcy a few years back.

I might add that firm was like the one John Grisham wrote about in one of his first books, The Firm, but on steroids. I might add when Don Siegelman told Doug Jones who had not publicly announced he was working with them told Tommy my story and that is how I got invited to see them, and so you know, I really think he was collecting my story to help his gaming clients. One of the first people to warn me was John Caylor, who knew how they operated -- and at my first meeting with Tommy, he asked me what would it take for me to just go away and not tell my story; he might could help me, and I said, "I want Karl Rove fired."

Simpson had words of wisdom for Matt Osborne, who seemingly could use some:
Now Doug has his boy Osborne libeling me, saying the Liberty Duke-Rob Riley and Luther Strange-Jessica Garrison stories are mine, but it was Doug Jones' folks who followed Rob and Luther. 
In 2017, we get a call from Audit Arizona, a guy saying they needed to add components to election machines. My husband said you can't add  anything illegal to those machines and asked who he was working for, and Jim was told Priscilla Duncan was doing this for Jones. I immediately notified a Republican, who I knew who had held office and said,"Please let John Merrill know not to allow them to add anything. Around that time is when we caught fake Russian bots that were of interest to us, but this Web site was different -- and we now know it links to Matt Osborne, who recently started attacking me and he admitted he was a huge Doug Jones guy.
I am sure Doug is mad I know he is the person behind a lot of meanness, but I have been dealing with him since day one, with the way he works on both sides. He is a mercenary operative, who works for whoever, and sometimes both sides, and I am sure he does not like me outing it. But it's too late as his little buddy Matt has harassed me and my friends giving credit to us for Doug's work, and I want it properly attributed.
I feel I got used as Doug's mouthpiece, and I am tired of it. As for Matt, in the end he  would be smart to give up Doug now -- before Doug puts him in more trouble than he can ever get out of. I have been watching him Jones disown Matt, and now is the time for Matt to become a real election-integrity guy and tell on his crew, instead of wasting time trying pin a story on me. Doug and his firm were responsible for the Rob Rley, Luther Strange, Bill Pryor sex stories, on behalf of their gaming kings. So, Matt would be wise to stop his bullshit and tell on Doug's ass -- or Matt probably will end up like us progressives, who have been abused and harmed by Doug Jones and his loose tongue.
Also, quit picking on Carol Shuler; she is a legendary folk hero in progressive circles and don't call yourself a progressive in Alabama as you are not considered that by any of us for helping Doug Jones. I might add Carol and Roger Shuler are the real free press in Alabama and all I have heard about you is that you put out sneaky articles without giving your name at Breitbart Unmasked. You were not brave enough to use your name for many years, when Roger and Carol put their lives on the line to stop corruption and bring justice to our state.
Every progressive should ask, " Why is Doug Jones' fake Russian-bot guy . . . attacking me and Roger, and now sweet Carol? Go crawl back under your Doug fake Russian blogging rock and leave all of us the hell alone. Quit casting shade on me on stories and leave other progressives alone. You are only digging a hole that Doug Jones will bury you in, blaming you for all he has done.  We all know what he is about, and how he operates. He uses folks for his party of one called "Doug Democrats" He is not a we or us person; he is all about himself.

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