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Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Whether you're training for your goal race or have consistent healthy-living goals, use jewelry to inspire your fitness and stay on track. Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

Jewelry. It's a weakness of mine - that and shoes. I know - total girl stereotype right here. #sorrynotsorry.

But for real, I feel naked without my jewelry. Most people can tell when I'm close by because they hear me jingling down the hallway. True story.

While jewelry may have once been something you only wear on fancy occasions, it has since expanded to everyday wear and even to the fitness world - and there is a ton of awesome and motivational fitness jewelry out there, all of which I'm obsessed with.

When I'm sweating like a maniac and feel like I can't push any further, I just look down at my wrist or even my shoe (yes - there is jewelry for shoes- best of both worlds!) and get a little reminder that I am strong, that I can keep going.

I also use jewelry as goal gifts - meaning if I hit a goal, I can get some new shiny things. It's really the best motivator.

Since it's Fit & Fashionable Friday, I figured I'd share some of my favorite inspiration fitness jewelry with you! Some of these I own and some I have my eye on for future goal gifts.

Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

Inspirational Bracelets

Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

Momentum Motivate Wraps - I have a few of these wraps in different colors and with different sayings. They are super comfortable and customizable. I love wearing them on runs as well as stacking them with my day-to-day bling.

ALEX AND ANI It's Not A Sprint Charm - I just started an ALEX AND ANI collection and am kind of obsessed. They have so many different charms, including this awesome one. They're so fun, cute and totally stackable.

Fierce Forward Badass Armour - I love these beaded bracelets from Fierce Forward. They have a number of different charms, but I'm particularly fond of this Badass one. I also love that this jewelry is called "Armour."

Inspirational Shoe Charms

Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

Momentum Foot Notes - When you're shopping around for a Motivate Wrap, don't forget to snag yourself some Foot Notes, as well, particularly if you're a runner. When you're in the midst of a tough run, just look down and you'll see a word or phrase that will keep you going. I wear run on my left foot that says, "just" and another on my right that says, "run." Just run. Preach it, Momentum. Preach it.

Gone For A Run Running Shoe Charms - If you want something on your laces with a little more sparkle, go with Gone For A Run's collection of shoe charms. They have everything from different distances to fun phrases to Disney inspired charms.

Inspirational Necklaces

Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

Fashletics Me vs. Me Charm - This is another one I have my eye on because the saying is so true. Since I'm not an elite athlete and I'll likely never place in a race, my workouts and goals are always about personal improvements. Improving in fitness is also just as mental as it is physical, and I often have to be reminded to get out of my own way.

Erica Sara Designs Run Love Necklace - I adore this necklace. It's the type of thing I could wear on a casual occasion or to a fancy event. Erica Sara has a ton of really beautiful running jewelry, with specific ones for big name races, such as the NYC and Boston Marathons. This one is going on the goal gifts list for sure.

So there you have it, a little sporty glitz and glam to carry you into the weekend.

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Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

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Jewelry to Inspire Your Fitness

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