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Jeanine Maningo – My Symbolic Impressions of the Movie Entitled: “UP” by Pixar Animation

Posted on the 07 November 2011 by Pratnala @PratNala

True to my words, ReflectionsPN publishes today the latest guest article. We have Jeanine Maningo writing for us on her thoughts about the 2009 animation hit, “UP”. Jeanine Maningo is a singer/musician that also loves to cook Filipino foods and write personality development blogs. You can visit her blog on how to become a singer at Read this fantastic article written by her and let me know what you think of it in the comments.



Creativity is limitless if you let your mind free from all unnecessary and non sense distraction. This is one of the learning that I took it from stunning movie that was released on 2009 the “UP”.

It is amazing; of all movies that I watched the first title that it came up in my mind is “UP” because it brings unforgettable education that inspires the people whom they believed that love is everlasting and eternal and so, that is why it encourage my passion to write a movie impressions because I am one of those who believe in forever relationship.

How come that this movie entitled “UP”? Here are my forecast symbolic meaning of UP. UP it shows that life is always moving on. It starts from the ground to the highest point.

Jeanine Maningo – My Symbolic Impressions of the movie entitled: “UP” by Pixar Animation

The 2009 movie UP

Like for instance;

1. UP- A new married couple at first it started from two until they have children.

2. UP- Like climbing in a highest mountain in Mount Everest, that when you reach at top you will be free.

3. UP- Like a new born baby starting from first month until she/he reach to one year and she/he will be able to speak like mama and papa and can stand by her/his own feet.

4. UP- When you compose a song it’s all started from middle range then going to chorus and then bridge until it goes to change key. The melody of the song is gradually increasing and that’s attracts the listeners attention.

5. UP- It is like planting a fruit bearing trees; it starts from the seeds then seedlings until it bears fruits.

6. UP- In playing piano, it begins from first octave to higher octave.

So therefore, I realize that this movie change how I look myself in making decisions with step by step starts from zero to 1-2-3 and so on… Watching movie is a great opportunity because it brings entertainment through it graphics technology, it expands creativity and it gives meaningful lessons that are based in true to life story.

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