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Japan Tsunami Disaster – A Wave of Destruction Triggered by Uranus

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

japan tsunami

The largest Japanese earthquake ever at 8.9 on the Richter scale struck at 14.46 hrs in the sea off the east coast of the country. It has caused widespread destruction as the earthquake triggered a huge 10 metre high tsunami that crashed into the Japanese coast, the city of Sendai it seems has been particularly badly hit. That Tsunami is currently making it’s way across the Pacific as I write.

If you ever wanted to see the power of the transits of the outer planets on events here on earth, here is a direct and devastating example. Today Uranus finally changes signs from nebulous Pisces to organised active Aries. Uranus energy is powerful, sudden and shocking but in Pisces all that potential is dispersed, not able to organise itself. As it was going to change signs into Aries after 7 years, all that power is finally pulled together. Aries is a galvanising sign, pro-active, headstrong, rushing in without thinking. Finally all Uranus’ destructive power was able to be concentrated in one burst, the floodgates opened, the power of water (Pisces) being concentrated and directed by force (Aries), a tsunami.

Let’s look at the earthquake chart. The immediate thing I notice is a quindecile between Uranus and Saturn. Quindecile energy is extreme, like a laser beam, very, very focused This is an tug of war between Saturn that refuses to move and Uranus which demands that it does. Normally in a battle between the outer planets where there is tension, the slower moving planet wins. Think of the tension on the tectonic plates, the earth (Saturn) being ripped apart or forced upwards by a tremendous, destructive (Uranus) force. I think this was so devastating, because the aspect between Saturn and Uranus was a quindecile, so exceptionally concentrated. Note on the chart we also have an opposition between Jupiter and Saturn so another two way pull. Square both of these battles was Pluto, so the energy released from Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter battles is transferred down to Pluto which is completely destructive. Pluto was also trine the Midheaven, so the transforming effect of Pluto changes the face of the country with ease and quickly. Pluto also controls nuclear energy – I understand a nuclear power station has been affected. Uranus enter Aires at 21.00 GMT today, 5am in Japan tomorrow, the danger is not over just yet – Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn does have nasty overtones; destruction or contamination of the earth and infrastructure – the possibility of this getting worse is still possible!! As I have written before, whenever you get the large outer planets in tension aspects, you get major change.


So why here off the coast of Japan? Locating the chart to the earthquake epicentre, Uranus is sitting in the 8th house of change, this is Pluto’s house so destruction, death and a need for reconstruction is focused here. Neptune on the cusp of Pisces was exactly square the Moon, water (Neptune) affecting the people (Moon). Looking deeper at the 4th harmonic chart which is associated with tension we can see the picture just as clearly. Saturn opposite Neptune/Moon formed into a wedge pattern by Uranus, Uranus affecting the earth (Saturn), a large focused body of water (Neptune quindecile Jupiter) and people (Moon).


JapanTsunami 4th harmonic

The last solar eclipse on 4th January relocated to Sendai, Japan shows a destructive picture with Saturn opposite the Midheaven square Mars which was conjunct the eclipse degree, so it showed the potential for an accident or forceful event.


Looking at Japan’s natal chart compared to the earthquake, it looks nasty. Transiting Pluto is trine Japan’s Sun, square Saturn, financial problems and opposite Uranus which is accident prone and destructive. Transiting Uranus is square the Moon, the people affected by a disaster and square Japan’s ascendant, another indicator of a disaster affecting the country. Transiting Jupiter is square Saturn and opposite natal Uranus, a large (Jupiter) disaster (Uranus) causing hardship (Saturn). Transiting Venus is exactly square Mars, financial hardship and suffering (Venus is in the 2nd house) caused by great force affecting the nation as a whole (Mars in 10th). As a final thought, transiting Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven where watery Neptune sits too. Almost as if hardship via the means of water was sitting there waiting to happen.

Japan biwheel

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Japan.

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