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Japan Have Found a New Wind Turbine Design to Take The Lead

By Hakamike @hakamike
Japanese Researchers Crack the Turbine Stall Issues Using Vortex Design
Japan have Found a New Wind Turbine Design to Take The Lead
In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan there is some good news emerging from the battling nation. University studies on vortex patterns and the effect they have on wind energy have resulted in the development of the wind lens.
The lens is a simple funnel designed to encircle a relatively otherwise standard turbine and cause downstream eddies to form vortex energy to drive the turbine to far higher energy production. This phenomenon is also known as the venturi effect.
The University is claiming 2 to 3 times the energy production at optimum wind speeds over standard turbine machines. They have also developed an interesting honeycomb array platform for ocean deployment. Winds are far more reliable offshore than on land.
Take a look at this news video for further details:

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