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Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Recently my oldest, Jackson, celebrated his 4th birthday just the way he wanted: Angry-Birds style! It was a lot of fun to plan together and I’m sure that everyone had a good time! Jackson was blessed to have many of his best friends at the party and many great gifts from some very thoughtful people. Some of them found some gifts I’d never even heard of, while others had contacted me in advance asking what the birthday boy might want for his birthday. Funny enough we were so immersed in the birthday party, I had to do a little research to find out what things my little man might want for his birthday…
Here’s just a little of what we came across and what my son said were his favorites: 1. Angry Bird Blanket and Angry Bird Pillow
Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday
A boy with an Angry Birds Party was bound to get a few Angry Birds presents. And while he loved each of them, he’s in love with his new “softy,” his Angry Birds fleece blanket and an Angry Birds pillow. While these are not a matching set, they make the perfect complement for an Angry Birds fans. The blanket is large enough to wrap around my son and includes a little Angry Birds cap to keep him warm and cute. The pillow is like a bean-bag pillow and much more substantial than the other pillow pet type animals. He loves napping with them in front of the tv and as soft as they are, I don’t blame him. Currently both items are available on for around $13 each. 2. Original Big Wheel™
Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday
Just as cool as it was when I was growing up, The Original Big Wheel™ is back!  Celebrating more than 40 years of being the “King of the Sidewalk,” and one of the best-selling ride-on toys of all time, The Big Wheels are almost as American as apple pie as baseball (and made here I learned too). The Original Big Wheel™ Race has a large 16” front wheel, a three-position “Grow with Me Seat” and sturdy plastic construction. Kinda like a rite of passage, The Big Wheels was a new addition to my kids’ growing fleet of cars, rolly toys and bikes. Currently available at Toys R Us and Walmart for around $60.
3. Thomas the Tank Patio Set

Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday
My kid LOVES Thomas the Tank…Actually last year’s party was Thomas and I think he asked for Angry Birds just so mom didn’t have to repeat the same party. So when we came across the kid-sized Thomas the Tank Patio Set it was a done deal.  Featuring washable plastic tabletop with cool in-laid graphics that won’t scratch or peel, he looks just like a little grownup when he asks to eat al fresco. The patio set comes with a table, umbrella and two folding patio chairs, unfortunately the table is already fading a bit, but it’s perfect for the Thomas fan while spending time outdoors. I'm sure he's asked to eat outdoors at least once a day since he got it.
Found these at Toys R Us and at around $35.
4. Thomas the Tank Toddler Swing
Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday One of those things I didn’t expect my big boy to do was to point out something for his sister as a gift. Of course, it was still Thomas the Tank Engine, but being that it was for ages under 3, he understood he couldn’t ride in it, but only his sister could. I guess in his head at least it was Thomas the Train! Made by Kids Only, the Thomas the Tank Toddler Swing features cool details and art inspired by Thomas the Tank! This sturdy plastic toddler swings feature high-back supports for comfort and safety, adjustable safety seatbelts and colorful sculpted details that resemble the #1 useful engine. Best of all, there’s no assembly, so pull it out of the box with all the hanging hardware and heavy duty ropes all ready to get your swing moving in no time. Currently available at Toys R Us for around $30.
5. Vtech Swith & Go Dinos One of the perks of my job is that I get a chance to see what’s going to be coming out soon for kids. So when Vtech wanted to get our thoughts on the new Switch & Go Dinos, my son was stoked as soon as we opened the box!
Jackson’s Top 5 List: What to Get a 4-Year Old for His Birthday Switch & Go Dinos features an entire line of seven durable, unique and collectable dinosaur toys, including four starter toys: Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn the Stegosaurus and Horns the Triceratops. Of course, what is more perfect for a boy than dinosaurs…except when it’s a dinosaur that turns into a car. Yep, how cool is that – a 2-in-1 toy! And because it’s from Vtech, they made it ubber cool with an LCD screen for customizable eye expressions and dramatic dinosaur and vehicle sound effects including dino facts! While it took a few times to show my 4-year-old how to make the dino go to car and car back to dino, as well as how to make all the sounds, but once he got it he was off for lots of fun playing with his new toy. This toy is such an obvious great option for anyone who isn’t sure if a kid is into dinosaurs or own wish is that it was motorized and could move on its own. Then it would be pretty close to perfect as THE gift for young boys this year! Currently only available on Amazon.comand www.VTechKids.comfor around $16. All seven Switch & Go Dinos are scheduled to be in most toy stores beginning Fall 2012. Did you notice a big theme here? Even without trying, all the items here were red or blue! It's like I tried to make them match, but it was my kiddo's keen sense of style that actually made it work!:) I’m thinking next year I might start a Pinterest board just for present ideas for the kids so then I can just say, go look at my Pinterest for ideas for birthdays and Christmas. Now that’s a plan! Disclaimer: I was provided all the products except for the Angry Birds pillow and blanket for purposes of this review. However, all views expressed are all my own.

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