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Its Safe to Say I Eat a LOT of Mexican Food.

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’m posting my evening post early today! SCORE. It’s the little things in life.

What’s the reason for the early post??? Well, I have a basketball game tonight and I wont get home ‘til after 9pm. Dinner will be late, I’ll go to bed late, and depending on the outcome of the game I might need to stop somewhere for a celebratory or kill-the-pain-of-a-loss drink.

Guess what I had for lunch today?!

Mexican Food!

photo (67)

And I forgot to get a picture of my blackened chicken fajitas with flour tortillas, rice and beans! Can you please give me the WORST BLOGGER EVER award? Gosh.

And my snack was simply magic.

photo (68)

Sometimes you really just need red number 5!

Okay on to the good stuff


This was what my new Smart Coach training plan required of me today………

smart coach easy

3 easy miles. I had a hard time with this concept of easy because this is what I actually did.


Hmm. My run felt pretty easy until the very end, and I know my muscles were just in shock because I’d taken the last 4 days off from fitness. Maybe I need to increase my training intensity to one above moderate?

week 1

Smart Coach is going really great so far. I especially like that each day can be clicked on for a full write up of what everything means. When it said “easy run” I was a little confused because running just isn’t easy. So clicking on it for a further explanation of what “EASY” means was really helpful, although I didn’t listen to it at all and just ran my little beating heart out all over South Salinas like a baby gazelle.


I say baby because I am not a graceful runner at all. I’d imagine baby gazelles look kinda like baby Bambi when he learns to walk…

I feel so great after that run. All you of gave the best advice when I asked yesterday!! And I actually felt better than I did right before I took the time off so maybe my days off where actually a really good thing.

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