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IT Workers All Over the World Are United in Their Contempt for High Caste Hindus

Posted on the 06 June 2013 by Calvinthedog

Creaders, a Chinese programmer from Singapore, points out that White, Chinese and Arab programmers, while they like each other just fine, are all united in their dislike of Indian programmers. At American Renaissance, I heard story after story of the horrors of high caste Hindus in the US IT industry. Their behavior was in general utterly contemptible.

I was amazed that we even let them into this country as their hatred for Whites, Christians and the West seemed to be boundless. They had a poacher attitude that they were coming into our country to steal Whites’ jobs, and they were overjoyed to be undermining our people and our land. They were like an enemy force of spies and traitors and double agents in our nation. When three whole ethnic groups all hate you, you know you are doing something wrong.

I found it so puzzling and I cannot found satisfactory explanation that why white man managers like Indians. I found them extremely difficult to work with.

This is not my personal opinions. Almost all Chinese I worked found Indians very difficult. I personally knew middle east Muslim who commented the same thing. White engineers have the same problem although I got this information from internet.

My experience with white engineers are good. I like middle east engineers. For me, the fewer Indians the merrier. Nevertheless one white managers tell me personally she like Indians very much. This white manager (a she and Machiavellian type) often ask her yellow subordinate to help her Indian subordinate as Indians seems not being able to get the job done. Most Indian engineers are not strong in their technical skills. But they know how to BS and they supported managers 100% of the time.

In Silicon valley, you cannot find so much Indian if white managers and HR hate them. Indians often told me USA Tech prefer Indian because Chinese engage in industrial espionage. That could be one of the reason.

I think Indians engage in more industrial espionage. The difference is China is able to leverage on the intelligence to develop while Indians are not able to make use of the knowledge.

With white, yellow and Islam engineers resenting the Indians, their good days may be over soon.

Also Indians engineers and managers will cover Indians are use others as scapegoat. So bad Indian engineers are likely to survive (white managers like Indians as well even though they are lousy, Indians help managers to suppress dissent)

One big black sheep is Indian tech workers. I found that they lack of many ethnics of all tech workers. I cannot tell the political leanings of Indian IT workers. But I am sure Indians engineers are quite reactionary in their behavior. Also high caste Indians are cognitive elites of India and majority of Indian tech is high caste Indians. They will bring racism and caste system into work place. I believe Indian engineers may be quite right leaning.

I don’t really like these high caste Hindus. They seem like the greediest, cruelest and most callous human beings on Earth. It’s like a land full of 1.3 billion Mitt Romney Republicans. They are the most money- and status-obsessed people I have ever met. Plus in general, they are just not very nice. They seem like they will lie, cheat, steal, walk on anyway, and smash anything in their way, all to get rich, which seems to be the only human value that they have: to get rich!

I worked with one Hindu on a job. The scumbag we worked for never paid us, and the Hindu couldn’t really get the program to work for the guy. The Hindu oversold himself with extreme overconfidence and said he could program anything. He could not write the program right and I had to fix it for him. And I don’t even know how to program anything! I just looked at the program, figured out he system and rules involved in what was going on, and fixed the errors. After the guy stiffed us, the Hindu blamed me somehow, saying it was my fault. Then he said that I should pay him anyway even though we never ever got paid for the job. For some reason, I sent him $150 which he gladly took. I think he thinks I am a sucker.

Then he had some plan to run all the other webpage designers in town out of business using his outsourced labor. We would ruthlessly undercut everyone in town, drive everyone out of business and clean up for ourselves. As a socialist, I am a crappy businessman, and this whole ideal seemed repulsive and horrific. The guy was like 100 Jews all wrapped into one.

Then I was talking to his brother, and the guy ridiculed me for not having a digital camera. He was going to college in the US, and I told him that in the US it was really uncool to brag about how rich you were, make fun of poor people or ridicule the working class. He acted like I was speaking a foreign language. He was one arrogant little status-obsessed upper class twit!

Another one I met was a journalist who was “only” making $18 K/yr and all of his high caste Hindu yuppie friends were ridiculing him and attacking him for not being rich. He was constantly being humiliated by his social climbing friends.

Another one constantly bugged me to hire his Indian outsourcing business and bragged about how wonderful outsourcing is. I told him that I felt bad about hurting my country by being a traitor like this and he acted like I was speaking Old Gothic. This guy had no concept of honor, patriotism, or duty to the motherland. He was all about treason and ripping off the homeland. I don’t think he even believed in a homeland, except he was a fanatical Hindu nationalist. Actually all of these guys were.

I have met a few more high caste Hindus and I must say that they are the worst human beings on Earth. They are utterly, base, cruel, callous, disloyal, status-obsessed and greedy. At ground floor they are deeply reactionary people, basically a parasitic ruling class.

Color me unimpressed!

I think I like Sikhs a lot better. The very idea of defending the weak sounds great to a socialist like me. I can’t imagine any Hindu would ever believe such a thing.

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