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It’s Time To Blog About My Asshole Boss

By Aussalorens
It’s Time To Blog About My Asshole Boss

You may have noticed I went a little MIA from the internets for the past five months. Alex and I moved to Denver, I got some sort of promising job, and basically my life was ruined. That's an exaggeration. But it did get completely eaten up by the madness and demands of a startup. Or, more specifically, my boss. Who is an asshole of the highest order.

I know I mentioned him when he asked about my hickey and when I accidentally texted him to complain about his one night stand, but I've thus far shielded you from how terrible he truly is. I was afraid he might find this site and, to my shame, I even hid some of the more salacious posts I'd written about my last job. But all of that's changed because of Prince.

I walked into work shortly after news of Prince's death and my boss (who is 38 years old) said, "I wouldn't recognize him if he sat down in my office. I definitely wouldn't recognize his music."

It was official:

1. My boss is the worst person in the world.

2. He lives so far under a rock (that must be decorated in mirrors so he can stare and think about himself) that I am probably safe from discovery.

For those of you who've been around a while, you're used to me blogging about work. My old job- at a psych ward- offered lots of potential: An Executive Director who peed in a cocktail glass, psychiatrists who couldn't speak English, nurses from the bowels of hell, and a security team who were too busy banging the staff to actually keep anyone safe.

But now I've found myself in a completely new world of crazy- sure, there aren't Haldol injections, bureaucratic frustrations, or women eating week-old cake out of the trash, but there is something far more frightening: The mediocre white man who's convinced he's smarter, worthier, and entitled to tell everyone exactly how much they don't measure up to his own brilliance.

Someone hold my box of Cheezits, its time to take the gloves off.

Have you ever had a horrible boss? What do you wish you could write about but are afraid someone will find? How long do you think I can get away with this before he finds out?

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