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It's Time For The U.S. To Show Israel Some "Tough Love"

Posted on the 21 March 2015 by Jobsanger
It's Time U.S. Show Israel Some (The image above was found at Eine Kleine Nichtmusik.)
The nation of Israel is very popular with citizens in this country, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has used that to his advantage for years now. Under his leadership, Israel has basically operated two giant concentration camps in Gaza and the West Bank, engaged in the theft of Palestinian land by continuing to build Israeli settlements on that land (settlements they have no intention of giving up), and refused to negotiate a two-state solution to end the crisis in the Middle East.
Netanyahu claims all of this is necessary to protect Israel, and sadly, Americans have bought that lie for far too long now. The truth is that the Netanyahu government doesn't want to negotiate a settlement, because that would stop their theft of Palestinian land. And he made that clear to Israeli voters in the recent election -- assuring them that there would be no two-state solution as long as he was in power.
Now that he has been re-elected, he is trying to walk back that statement -- saying he actually does support a two-state solution. That is a lie. His assurances during the election, and his past actions, both show he is opposed to negotiating a two-state solution (or ceasing to steal Palestinian land). His recent statements are just to try and placate the United States government -- who have been protecting Israel in the United Nations, and continue to give them billions of dollars of foreign aid.
Israel has gone far beyond just defending itself. Under Netanyahu, it has become an international criminal state -- and it is time for the United States to show them some "tough love". The United States should stop vetoing United Nations resolutions condemning Israel's criminal behavior, and it needs to severely cut (or eliminate) the foreign aid it sends. It needs to do both until Israel ceases it criminal theft of Palestinian land and its obstruction of peace talks leading to a two-state solution.
Israel has a right to exist, but it does not have the right to be an international pariah under the guise of self-defense. With the re-election of Netanyahu, Israel has clearly shown it has no intention of curbing their criminal behavior. It is time for the United States to act.

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