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It's Election Day And I Don't Want To Hear Your Stupid Excuses For Not Voting.

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
The day has finally arrived.  It's election day and I'm getting ready to go stand in what will no doubt be a ridiculously long line. I waited three hours to vote in the last presidential election. Three hours!
Our government is far from perfect. Our two-party system sucks. There are so many reasons that many convince themselves not to get out and vote today.
No matter how disenchanted I get with our government - I just can't be one of those people. Assuming that our government is as corrupt as some people think it is - there may only be one purpose to my standing in line to cast a vote today; to honor the men and women who fought their asses off to get the right that so many of us take for granted. To think about all the places in the world where people would die for the right to take the action that I am about to take today. If my vote means nothing in the grand scheme of things - it means something to me for this reason.
Today, I'm casting a vote for a man that I know isn't perfect - but that I am proud to call my President.
As one of my brilliant friends said, "The lesser of two evils means something. It means less evil."
Also, Mitt Romney is a total dick.
Happy Voting! Oh - and a gentle reminder:

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