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It's a Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That. Dum Dum Dum Dum.

Posted on the 04 October 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
It's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Dum dum dum dum.
Perhaps I have been indoors too much - so much so that I am starting to analyse my favourite TV shows down to the very last take...
It worries me.
Nevertheless, here I am, blogging about a few of them. Hesitant - BUT - still moving forward.
Now let's see, where to start.
Oh yes I know! With Gossip Girl (since I just finished watching the new episode and it's still as fresh as Manhattan in my mind)
Okay, let's start with the whole Blair-baby-who's-the-father debacle.
Seriously Gossip Girl? You had to follow the One Tree Hill route? Granted, Blair's not in school anymore, but far out - the baby story-line gets absolutely drilled into the ground. I was so epically happy at the end of last season, when you moved so skillfully into Dair-land, and then Chair-land, and then Lair-land. I was rather pleased, like a cat who has just eaten a mouse.
Now, however, I am like a cat who just found out the mouse he ate was actually a furball. I am ready to cough it up (no, I was not throwing in a subtle morning sickness hint. Though that is kinda funny now that I think about it lol).
And I think all of us know that is HAS to be Chuck's baby. Who else's is it going to be? They're going to pull apart the Lair romance, Blair and Chuck will realise they aren't ready to raise a baby together, and Dan will be there to comfort Blair and watch old classics in the loft.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm unimpressed. Writers - do something that will surprise me. Take us back to the old days, where Georgina rocking up preggers at Dan's apartment was the biggest shocker of the season. I MISS the old cliffhangers! Am I alone on this? Anyone agree?
But I will give credit where credit is due. Dan, for me, has become an incredibly adorable character. I didn't like him for the longest time, but now, I can get what the fuss is about. Lovely little mess of curly hair on his head too. Penn, you tasty man you.
And Serena. Oh, Serena. I love your little "finding yourself" adventures. I am beginning to love you as a character as well. I adore Blake Lively, I think she's the hottest woman under the sun (aside from Nina Dobrev, of course), and it's soothing to find her character calming down and settling into herself. Fabulous, just fabulous!
I don't like Charlie/Ivy. What is UP with this girl? So she's an actor, right. And she acts in EVERY aspect of her life? Including at her job, with her boyfriend, who knows who or what else? Nope, didn't like you when you entered the show, don't like you now, still won't like you when you leave. Though I will definitely like when your character leaves. Bye bye now (imagine that in either Barbie voice from Toy Story "Bubye now, bubye!" or Shrek from Shrek 1 "See you laterr" - makes it funnier, right? :D)
Nate, Nate, Nate. What are you doing? He really likes his cougars doesn't he? But Elizabeth Hurley - totally don't blame him. What a FOX! I give the GG writers credit here - they do bring in the most SPECTACULAR guest stars (Charlie fake/Ivy not included). Georgina Sparks? Lady Gaga? Yeah, you know it. And THANK YOU writers for getting rid of (1) Vanessa; and (2) Jenny. Couldn't stand either of them, so glad they've bailed.
But all that being said, I actually really love Gossip Girl as a show. There's something delicious about the way all the characters interact, and while you might be fuming at one couple one day, the next you'll be in love with them all over again. It's just Gossip Girl, I've decided. And they have a majorly hot cast. So that's a bonus.
Moving on! To.....
.... Glee.
Glee. The very word makes me want to break out in a rendition of "Valerie". What an epic show. It truly gets funnier every episode. I'd like to give all the credit to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, but I won't. Because I think the casting is what makes this show so incredible, and for that I have one name.
Jane Lynch.
Oh, this hilarious diamond in the rough. Where did you come from? The character Sue is possibly the most beautifully-developed character I've ever seen in a comedy. No joke. Her one-liners have me in stitches; the rants have me on the floor. My favourite of all favourite Sue quotes is when she says to a piece of broccoli:
"When I showed this to Brittany, she whimpered and thought I cut down a small tree where a family of gummy people lived."
Bloody brilliant. That, and any quote to do with Mr Schu's hair. So, so good.
Okay, now that that's out of the way, onto Season 3.
Firstly, loving the Rachel and Kurt friendship. Those two are as cute as buttons. And their little meltdown first episode after seeing the other 'Kurt' and 'Rachel' lookalikes? Was I the only one who grinned through that part? They were adorable! And I'm sad to think that their friendship might be ruined after tomorrow's episode. FAR OUT Rachel! Can't you just stay your beautiful, grownup self now? MUST you go backwards?
Apparently so.
Anyway, Finn is annoying me a little this season. Cory, it's not your fault, you're gorgeous, it's your stupid character that frustrates me. How does someone as wonderfully talented as yourself, not have ANY idea about where they're going after school? And frankly - I HATE the emphasis school puts on students knowing exactly what they want to do when they leave! There is NOTHING wrong with taking a year off to work full-time! NOTHING!
Phew. Easy Jayne, it's just a TV show.
Yes, I know. Let's move forward shall we?
Still love Artie and Brittany, Mike and Tina, Will and Emma.
But hold up. NO LAUREN ANYMORE!? WHY! WHY WHY WHY! I loved her! Her and Puck?! AWESOME. Yep, the show failed there.
Oh, and with the exit of Chord Overstreet, aka Sam. Not. Happy. Jayne.
Putting Mercedes with a large black man (sorry, not meaning to be racist, but c'mon? Stereotypical much?) not good either. They teased the Mercedes and Sam romance only to rip it away before it had even begun? Terrible, just terrible. I am trying to keep an open mind now, but it's getting a little hard.
I almost feel the blinkers come on in Glee now, so I see only the coupling and characters I want to see. Everyone else just exists, and are like little happy ghosts hovering everywhere. I know you're there, but I don't really care what you're up to.
That being said, I am intrigued by this new Quinn. She's crazy and I love it! Trying to get her baby back? Fo shiz! Go for it, I want to see how you plan to do this! Plus, I love Quinn as a bitch. Can't really see her in any other light, in all honesty.
And what's going on with Santana? That first ep left us in a loop as to what is happening with her hey?! Ah well, hopefully all questions will be answered soon.
Ok, I'm gonna finish up now. I really should have broken this into two blogs lol. Kudos to you if you made it to the end!! :D
Feel free to comment/vote/rant with me! Or you can follow me on Twitter, I'm a tweet-a-holic :D : @Janeymoo !!
Til next time!

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