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"It is Hard to Believe Such a Chill Man Has Such Warm Feelings About the Sad End of Strangers Far Away."

Posted on the 11 September 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Peggy Noonan was underwhelmed with the President's speech:

He should have canceled the speech. It was halfhearted, pro forma and strange. It added nothing, did ObamaSpeechnot deepen or advance the story, was not equal to the atmosphere surrounding it, and gave no arguments John Kerry hasn’t made, often more forcefully, in the past 10 days.

It was a time filler: The White House had asked for the time and had to fill it. But at this point in the president’s Syria drama an indifferent piece of work only underscores the overall impression that things just aren’t working that well in the White House.

It is hard to believe a lot of people watched. It’s hard to believe hearts were changed.

I was afraid he was going to do “foaming at the mouth”, “blood and hair,” “gasping for breath” and “writhing in pain.” Presidents shouldn’t say words and phrases like that. He should have referred listeners and viewers to the easily available and highly graphic documentation of the attacks, and simply characterized them as the painful thing they are. You’re trying to influence and persuade, you’re not trying to make people lean away, or remind them that repeats of “Law & Order SVU” are on Channel 47.

Another problem, and there’s no nice way to say this: It is hard to believe such a chill man has such warm feelings about the sad end of strangers far away. I think this has been one of his big unspoken problems in the selling of his Syria policy. It is based to some degree on his emotional indignation, and it is not fully credible because it’s hard to believe he’s so moved.

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She had me at "it's hard to believe such a chill man."

His chill is what makes him popular in the eyes of the shallowly gullible.  Gets nowhere with me.

He's a man of little substance and questionable character.

He gives me the chill.

Carry on.

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