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Israeli Police Don't Respect Jewish Holy Sites

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

NRG is reporting about a couple of arabs who urinated on the Kotel HaKattan, and ended up in trouble for it. Sort of.
Once again the police show they are more concerned about, and show more respect for, the holy sites of the Arabs than the holy sites of the Jews.

Two Arabs on their way home stopped for a pit stop at the Kotel haKattan, and right under the signs stating the site being a holy one, urinated. Right there against the wall.
The urination got caught on the security cameras, and sure enough they were picked up and indicted.
Interestingly, the original indictment accuses them of defacing a holy site, in addition to improper behavior in a public place. Later, after coming to a plea bargain, the original indictment was amended and the "defacing a holy site" was crossed out and they were only responsible for inappropriate behavior in a public place.
The weird part of it is that they did not just void the original and print out a new indictment with the amended text. They simply crossed out the words they wanted removed, and, as you can see in the image, signed it above.
The worst part is that this shows, another example, of how the police are more worried about Arab sensitivities and respect their holy places, and the Arab approach to them, more than they respect Jewish sites and the Jewish approach. Because Jews won't riot and kill as a result of Arab disresepct, the police don't treat the Jewish sites with respect. The Arabs threaten to riot and kill so the police respect their sites more.
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