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Israel, the PLO and Palestine – Violence and Attacks on the Rise Again Between Two Bitter Enemies

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


An attack on a bus in Jerusalem, then rockets are fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. Tensions are rising again between Israel and the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organisation. With the PLO, I use the declaration of Palestine chart, set for 15th Nov 1988 at 01.40am in Jerusalem. Looking at the composite and synastry charts between the two, the mistrust and aggressive attitude between the two is plain to see.

The synastry chart is truly horrible. Sun is opposite Sun (both share opposing points of view), Palestine’s Moon is opposite Israel’s Midheaven (the Palestinian people against the rulers of Israel and are under their thumb), Neptune is square Neptune each one trying to deceive the other, the PLO’s Saturn/Uranus conjunction trine Israel’s Mars (the Israel military trying to destroy the PLO’s revolutionary command), The PLO’s Mars is trine Israel’s Moon, the PLO are not afraid of attacking the Israeli people and finally the PLO’s Pluto & Mercury sits on Israel’s South Node square Israel’s Pluto/Saturn and obviously opposite Israel’s North Node. These two are fatefully joined together and the PLO is determined to control and destroy Israel’s rulers. In essence, they are bitter enemies who would like to wipe each other off the map of the world if they could and were allowed to.


The composite chart is not much better, with a nasty Pluto opposite Uranus, Moon conjunct harsh Saturn which is downbeat and depressing and Sun, Mercury Venus square Neptune which is deceptive and underhand. Mars is in a tight square to Jupiter, showing the tendency towards excessive force and violence.


So why are the attacks starting up again? Showing transits to the composite chart, both transiting aggressive Mars and transiting Uranus are conjunct the composite Uranus aggravating tensions between the two, transiting Uranus is opposite Pluto and potentially worse is transiting Pluto is a couple of degrees from hitting opposing the composite Midheaven at 10 Cancer and squaring the Ascendant at 9 Libra. Pluto’s effect is starting to take hold and it will first hit 9 degrees Capricorn in March 2012.

I do worry what will happen in that part of the world this time next year. Obviously we have had the situations in Tunisia, Egypt, currently Libya, Bahrain is unsettled, Syria looks nasty, Iran has the potential for trouble ahead, I believe the situation in Saudi Arabia will worsen and a conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people would plunge the region into utter chaos. Pluto inevitably will slowly start to disintegrate the already nasty relationship between the two as it closes in to exactitude and it’s ultimate role will be complete metamorphosis, maybe even destruction before new structures in the region can be built. With the current nature of the relationship including the mutual hatred shown in the charts, I can see the possibility of a very serious situation occurring. Watch this space…

**Update 27th March 11** Israeli air strike on Gaza Strip this evening killing 2 people even though the Palestinians offered a truce. With the planets in an angry mood as I wrote earlier, watch out for tit of tat violence.

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