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Isle of Dogs | Three Ways to Nourish Your Dog

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Having three Goldens with two of them reaching their senior years, it's so important for me as a dog parent to provide them with high quality ingredients that not only taste good but are beneficial to their well-being both inside and out.
nourish jerky treats, dental chews and hip and joint supplements for dogs Disclaimer: Golden Daily Scoop received the Isle of Dogs Nourish Products in exchange for our honest review. Isle of Dogsis not responsible for the content of this post. 

Nourish Your Dog with a Happy, Healthy Life

I think one of the things all dog owners have in common is how much we wish to give our dogs a happy and healthy life. When it comes to their health and nutrition there are three ways in which I try and do this every day through their food and treats, supplements and dental chews.
We were recently introduced to Isle of Dogs, nourish™ which is a multi-functional line that combines ingredients that support both inner wellness and outer beauty with each of their recipes.

Jerky Bites

When choosing treats for the Goldens, the ingredients list is the first thing I look at. How long is the list and can I pronounce the ingredients are two things I consider when deciding to purchase something or not.
choosing a quality grain free  jerky treat for your dog Nourish Jerky Bites definitely get my approval. Grain-Free, they are 90% grass-fed beef which is humanely raised in New Zealand. The ingredients list is very small and made up of free-range protein that has been raised without added hormones, no animal meals, no corn/wheat/soy or potatoes/lentils.
golden retriever dog eating nourish grain free beef jerky treat When Miley was younger she was prone to ear infections, so we changed her diet and really paid attention to what was in her food and treats and since then her ear infections have disappeared. The jerky bites come in Lamb or Beef, both are gently air-dried at a low temperature in small batches to naturally preserve the meat without using artificial preservatives.

Dental Chews

Did you know that by time your dog is 3 years old, they will likely have some early evidence of periodontal disease? That's why it's so important to keep on top of their dental health with daily brushing and dental chews.
dental treats for dogs I love how dental chews are multi-functional, they help cut down on plaque, clean teeth and freshen breath. With Nourish Dental Chews you can add one more thing to the list, added ingredients in the middle! You can choose from hip/joint, breath or skin/coat. Since Miley is getting up their in age and she is taking a little longer to get up from her naps, her hips need all the help they can get.
nourish dental treats with hip and joint ingredients What sets Nourish Dental Chews apart from the others? They are made with NEW triple-action Pecodent™ which is a blend made with finely ground pecan shells, kelp and tumeric extract to provide a natural fiber to help clean the teeth. The outside ridges and grooves help scrape and remove plaque/tartar and that adorable heart you see in the center, that is filled with beneficial hip and joint ingredients.
golden retriever dog chewing a nourish dental chew Like the treats, these dental chews are grain-free and contain no corn/wheat/soy, grain or gluten. They come in three sizes - small, medium and large. Miley has a size large in the photo above and it's a perfect size to get her chew on.

Daily Fix - Joint Formula

Large breed dogs like Golden Retrievers are susceptible to arthritis as are senior dogs and dogs that are over-weight. Because of this, we stay on top of the Goldens weight by measuring their food and keeping them active daily along with supplements.
adding a joint supplement to your dog's food An easy and tasty way to add supplements into your dog's diet is at mealtime. Nourish Daily Fix - Joint Formula is a nutritional probiotic supplement that you can add to their food. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin and probiotics to help maintain overall joint mobility while supporting digestive health. Bruin loved the tasty fish oil and would probably lick it right from a spoon!

"Providing a joyful life for your dog starts with the nutrition you choose. nourish™ is a multi-functional line, combining ingredients that support both inner wellness and outer beauty with each recipe. By offering the healthiest of choices in food, treats, and supplements, we aim to help your pet thrive." -Isle of Dogs Isle of Dogs | Three Ways to Nourish Your Dog If you are looking for additional ways to give your dog a happy and healthy life, check out the complete line of Nourish treats, dental chews and supplements and help them shine from the inside out! 
Which Nourish product would you like your dog to try?

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