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is the Recent European MIGRANT CRISIS a Carefully Orchestrated Martial Law Push for the EU and NATO?

Posted on the 20 September 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

is the recent European MIGRANT CRISIS a carefully orchestrated martial law push for the EU and NATO?

in this migrant invasion map from the Washington Post, UK is not even shown

this post is crafted via UK-centric corporate-financed global-perspective inc... so if you're offended by that kind of festering insularity click away now.
Britain or Briton or the United Kingdom or whatever you wanna call 'this sceptred isle' is a product of invasion, that's why I have such fun winding up the BNP-mob when they prattle on about 'we want only true Brits in our country'. True Brits? There's no such thing as a True Brit. Every race who takes over Europe for however long their Empire exists eventually makes the arduous sea-journey to this western extreme, and then we are all changed, again. And again, and again...
Reboot'd Britain R US.
We've all seen World War Z and it was intentionally portrayed as a racing infection of rot and decay, a zombie invasion of reasonable society. It was a 2013 film based on a 2006 book by Max Brooks so why shouldn't it be? But, was it really? Or was it re-purposed to convince people that migrant invasion is very bad, and a military response is the ONLY CURE. And when you think about it, in Hollywood timescales, that's a speedy trajectory into the limelight.
Let's go back to Libya.
Yeah, Libya... you know, Colonel Ghadaffi, Lockerby bombing cover-up, all of that... who in their right mind would go into that volatile a country and topple its leader and open up the whole of Europe to migrant invasion via Italy.
Let's go back to Iraq. Who in their right mind would go into that volatile a country and topple its leader and open up the whole of Europe to migrant invasion via Syria.
Let's go back to Syria. Who in their right mind would think about going into that country via military-rebel infiltration i.e. ISIS, and trying to topple its leader and open up the whole of Europe to migrant invasion via the eastern mediterranean landbase i.e. Turkey and the Balkans?
Remember, World War Z was about a mind-controlling disease, a zombie infection - right?

We've now all seen it on our main-stream-media news, day in day out, and we all now know that THIS IS WHAT A MIGRANT INVASION ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE: it's unstoppable, it's desperate, it's heart-breaking and it's not politically correct to talk about it in these cinematic terms. But I just did.
Free Planet still isn't Totally Convinced (tm) that HM2 or Hollywood Mind Machine can directly influence world opinion and mass debate in the Real World Issues of WHO WE REALLY ARE and WHAT WE REALLY DO or HOW WE REALLY WANT OUR WORLD TO LOOK but I'm beginning to suspect that its hand is a lot stronger than otherwise formally advertised.
I mean, Mel Gibson's Braveheart happened, and twenty years later we're talking about Scottish Independence with a dominance of scottish votes in the last General Election going to the Scottish Nationalist Party. Divided = conquered. But what's the LONG END GAME in this migrant-invasion phase of global chess moves?
We played by martial law-ists? We servile to the godma-cry? We happy with our Free Planet yet?
A BRUTAL FOOTNOTE ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: the UK is a historically invaded nation. It's what we are. Why are we so averse to migrant invasion from ruined countries? Well, it's our gameplan, no? We know what it's like to be over-run by an influx of outsiders, as we see you all. It's happened to us so many times we're sick to death of it, or that's the image we portray to the world. The UK is now an official global off-shore player with isolationist finance and corporate battle strategies like no other country outside Japan or neo-Russia.
The pre-martial law UK is playing a dangerous-numbers game with pre-martial law Europe, sure, but there's loads of profit to be made via such insane extinction strategies and intellectual manoeuverings on the global chess board - it's what the shameless white-collar RISK-assessors get out of their rancid beds for every fucking morning, innit?
Coffee and killing: making a...

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