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Is Obesity Surgery in India of International Standards?

Posted on the 22 August 2013 by Anan Adisa
Is Obesity Surgery in India of international standards? In the global world of today obesity possess a significant health challenge to millions of people. If figures are an indicator it might emerge as one of the major health hazards and contribute to various diseases like diabetes along with hypertension. The prime cause of obesity is over eating but it can also arise on account of hormonal imbalances, improper directions in diet as well as lack of any form of activity. The recent life styles have had their also in the prominence of this form of disease. Medical Tourism India has evolved big time in the country. In recent times the country is referred to as the medical hub of the world and this fact can be gauged by the increase in the number of patients to the country. The government has realized that this sector is a major money spinner and has extended all possible support to it. A point note mentioning is that it has at the same time imposed stricter forms of control. It has ensured that all the hospitals in the country have the necessary accreditations and protocols in place. India has stamped its authority in the surgical world. In this regard the roles of the doctors along with the surgeons are of fundamental importance. Most of them have had their embeddings in the premiere medical centres in the country and their practice in the top notch medical institutions. It is a matter of strange coincidence that most of the top doctors in the western countries are Indians. They had long time back for education and practiced their skill sets in the country. ObesitySurgery in India is very popular. One of the main reasons for its soaring popularity is the cost factor.  Since it falls under the scope of elective form of surgery the insurance companies do not cover it. This tends to create a dent in the pockets of the patients and when one compares it with India the situation is exactly the opposite. If one compares the cost of surgery in the country than say with US or UK it results in a substantial savings of close to 60 %. In addition to this most of the hospitals in the country have zero waiting lists as compared to the western countries. There is generally a long waiting period for surgery in the western world.
It is strongly advised to avail the services of a medical tourism company when one considers any form of surgery in this part of the world. Though there are a host of companies in the country but one has to choose the company which has earned the goodwill of the masses. The name which is doing the rounds in a big way is Forerunners Health Care group. They have had a proven track record and are considered as the best in the business. In fact they have tie ups with all the elite medical institutions in the country which means the patients get the best in infrastructure along with world class facilities.

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