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Is Monistat a Safe Alternative to Promote Faster Natural Hair Growth?

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
Is Monistat a Safe Alternative to Promote Faster Natural Hair Growth? For a while now, there have been reports of women using Monistat, Vagistat and Neosporin athlete's foot cream on the scalp and hair in order to promote faster and fuller natural hair growth.
Monistat and Vagistat are anti-fungal creams used to control bacteria and fungus around the vaginal area, commonly known as yeast infections.
Using these products on the scalp and hair is an underground method that women have been using to, "increase hair growth and thickness" for years...
Ironically, a lot of reports claim that women have seen a far more tremendous increase in hair growth than ever before, but at what cost? There have been no medical studies that have supported using these creams for hair growth, and even the FDA hasn't approved these products for use on the hair or scalp. Other than statements of women who have claimed to have used the product and seen a dramatic increase in growth, there is no scientific proof that these creams would actually help to achieve and maintain healthy hair growth long-term.
Is Monistat a Safe Alternative to Promote Faster Natural Hair Growth?
Using Monistat and other vaginal, and anti-fungal creams on the hair started when women reported seeing a drastic increase in their pubic hair growth after using these anti-fungal creams. The main ingredient of these products is Miconazole Nitrate, which is an anti-fungal agent. This particular active ingredient probably fights fungus in the scalp that may be preventing hair growth in the first place.
These anti-fungal creams also increase blood flow in the scalp, which of course would increase circulation and promote hair growth. This may explain why some women have reported feeling as if the scalp was constantly "crawling". I could only imagine this being a very uncomfortable feeling.
According to people who have used these products, the following positive side effects were reported:
  • Some reported hair grew "longer and faster"
  • Some used by mixing with other oils, or water and applying directly to the scalp
  • Some used by applying daily for optimal results and no side effects
  • Reports of a drastic reduction in hair shedding and breakage
  • Reports that hair grew at a rate some never knew was scientifically possible

Is Monistat a Safe Alternative to Promote Faster Natural Hair Growth?
According to people who have reportedly used these products, the following negative side effects were reported:
  • There is no scientific evidence to support the safety of using vaginal creams on the scalp
  • The method could become costly in having to repeatedly purchase the product
  • Reports of some feeling as if the scalp was "moving" or "crawling" excessively
  • Reports of some suffering from moderate to serious migraine headaches, especially when using generic brands of the creams.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing cannot use the product
  • Some reported "rapid hair growth" at a rate that seemed "scary" and "abnormal" 
  • There have been some reports of a ringing in the ears
  • Some reported an extremely tender or itchy scalp 

Personally, this is something that I will never be trying. There certainly hasn't been enough research to support these claims and God only knows the long-term side effects. Frankly, I'm not about putting vaginal cream in my hair in any way. If you've tried it, good for you! I am also in no way recommending that anyone try using these creams on the hair or scalp.
Have you tried Monistat for your hair? What other unconventional natural hair methods have you tried?
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Originally Posted: 1/5/2011

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