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Is Moisture And Mold The Most Common Cause Of Bathroom Repairs?

By Anne Mehla

Is Moisture And Mold The Most Common Cause Of Bathroom Repairs?

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This question really is a conundrum – water is the main focus of a bathroom, but it is also the main cause of much of the damage there. No matter how well you care for your home, it is likely that moisture and mold are two problems that you will have to deal with at some point in your life. Unfortunately, these sorts of bathroom repairs are notorious for being quite expensive.
How to inspect for damage
If you suspect that your bathroom may be subject to damage caused by moisture and mold, you should undertake a simple inspection of the space and exposed pipes to determine this for sure.
  • Are there any signs of moisture on the bottom of the toilet tank?
  • Is the floor around the toilet damp or spongy?
  • Are there any cracks in the tiles or grout of your shower stall?
  • Is there any water stains or soft area around the shower walls?
  • Are there any leaks underneath the vanity?
If you notice damage that is more serious than water stains, you should call in a professional to undertake bathroom repairs for you. They will use specialist equipment to determine whether mold is also present.
Problems that can develop
Once you have established that you have moisture or mold in your bathroom, it is important to pinpoint the damage that has been caused. More often than not, the floor joists and sub floor can be considerably weakened and, in some cases, interior wall studs can also have sustained damage. You will need to contact both a carpenter and a plumber to rectify the damage; the plumber will pinpoint the location of the leak, whilst the carpenter will fix the structure.
Once your home has received bathroom repairs for moisture and mold it is important that you ensure the space is sealed to prevent them from reoccurring in the future. The professionals that you employ to rectify the damage should be able to help you achieve this. It is also important that, should you notice any future damage, you seek assistance as soon as possible. visit here for know more about Bathroom Renovations:http://www.masterrenovators.com.au/bathroom-renovations

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