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Is Marijuana Really the Wonder-Drug That Could Help Millions Or Actually a Menace of Society?

By Tomretterbush @thomretterbush
Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?Many say marijuana is the most beneficial of all the substances known  to man, while others claim it is the scourge of mankind. 
Regardless that the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug, that the Global Commission on Drug Policy report describes America’s “war on drugs” a total  failure, and all the scientific research supporting the medical benefits of marijuana, America continues its witch hunt on marijuana.
In fact, the US DEA has the audacity to decree that marijuana has no accepted medical use. This decision by the DEA comes almost nine years after medical marijuana supporters asked the government to reclassify cannabis to take into account a growing body of research that shows its effectiveness in treating certain diseases, is clearly a self-serving act to keep their funds coming and their agents busy.
Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years. Manuscripts from ancient India confirm that marijuana's psychoactive properties were used by doctors for treating a variety of ailments and illnesses, including gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, insomnia and as a pain reliever during childbirth.
In 2009, the American Medical Assn. urged the government to review its classification of marijuana "with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, (such as Marinol, a synthetic version of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, which was synthesized as far back as in the 1970s because research had already shown the usefulness of marijuana based medicine) and alternate delivery methods."
Only recently, Marijuana has been approved by California and many other states to treat a range of illnesses, because of the continued success of treatment, studies and trials including marijuana. Many state's government legislation has made both marijuana and Marinol more available to patients. Though still illegal on a federal level, many patients are now finally able to apply for personal possession from their sate of residency.

Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?

Poll results concerning the legalization of marijuana

Popular opinion has also swung behind marijuana. Americans  overwhelmingly support it in national polls. Gallup's latest poll finds 44% of Americans in favor of legalization and 54% opposed. US public support for legalizing pot was fixed at about 25% until 2000 when acceptance jumped to 31%.
However, because of the prohibition of marijuana, mostly due to the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, as well as anti-drug activists and religious crusaders, the use of both marijuana and Marinol as a medicine remains restricted. 
Dr. Igor Grant, a neuropsychiatrist who is the director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego, said state-supported clinical trials show that marijuana helps with neuropathic pain and muscle spasticity. However, still the federal government's position discourages scientists from pursuing research needed to test the drug's medical effectiveness, he said. "We're trapped in kind of a vicious cycle here. It's always a danger if the government acts on certain kinds of persuasions or beliefs rather than evidence," Dr. Grant concluded.
The studies showing treatment success of marijuana are overwhelming. Just check out the success ratios recorded from studies by Daily Strength in the chart bellow! How can the US government ignore these stats?
Treatment Success for Marijuana


Chronic Pain65486%


Bipolar Disorder4495%



Multiple Sclerosi...23100%

Overall, 90% (1,080 Members) find Marijuana helpful
Studies to Discover the Full Potential of Marijuana's Benefits
Its time we put aside old bias and prejudices and study marijuana with all our resources, so we can harness the full potential of its benefits! 
Already scientists, researchers and doctors have discovered a wide range of benefits unequaled by any other natural or chemical medication, ever. Period.
No other medication or herb offers relief from symptoms like these:
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Reduction in interlobular pressure inside the eye
  • Suppression of nausea
  • Weight loss - increase and restore metabolism

No other medication or herb offers treatment from a wide variety of diseases like these:
  • AIDS - Marijuana can reduce the nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting from the condition itself and the medications as well.
  • Glaucoma - Marijuana relieves the internal eye pressure of glaucoma, and therefore relieving the pain and slowing or even stopping the condition.
  • Cancer- Many side effects of the medication to stop cancer can be relieve with Marijuana, some studies suggest that Marijuana tends to slow down the progress of some types of cancer.
  • Multiple Sclerosis - Muscle pain, spasticity, tremors and unsteadiness are some of the effects caused by the disease that can be relieved by Marijuana.
  • Epilepsy - in some patients, epileptic seizures can be prevented with Marijuana use.
  • Chronic pain - Marijuana helps to alleviate the pain caused from many types of injuries and disorders.
  • Anxiety, Depression or Obsession - Even though mild anxiety is a common side effect in some users, cannabis can elevate your mood and expand the mind

Joan Bello, author of The Benefits of Marijuana, wrote, "with the expansiveness that occurs with marijuana, the subject may begin to notice infinite possibilities to raise the quality of his/her life that would otherwise have remained hidden from normal, defensive consciousness. And feelings of health and happiness naturally lead to hope, which of itself can be curative." 
Many obsessions or quick fixes to psychological problems can be alleviated by Marijuana as well. Many people eat because they're depressed. If the depression is treated, the obsession to eat should be gone as well.
Any of these phycological conditions can be treated by a psychiatrist; marijuana should be an alternative therapy, used in conjunction with psychiatric therapy.
Physical Addictions
There have been testimonies from opiate users that report an easing of addiction cravings. Some cannabinoids in cannabis are believed to have similar effects as ibogaine, a medication used to treat heroin addiction.
The cannabinoids in Marijuana mimic the healing effects of a naturally occurring chemical in the brain called Anandimide. However, this naturally occurring cannabinoid also produces the negative effects that one would experience from high concentrations of cannabinoids in marijuana.  
Medical marijuana can benefit psychologically and spiritually.
Marijuana can be used to enhance personal Spirituality. The herb tends to reveal your true self. It uncovers inner confusion and reveals your true direction - if you let it. Marijuana offers an effect that is both energizing and relaxing at the same time. This balanced effect will help some to think more clearly and more efficiently afterwards.
Joan Bello writes,"Marijuana will not tolerate repression. Tranquillizers and depressants relax the body and release tension, but the state of mind associated with these drugs is 'unconsciousness' whereby we escape rather than resolve our dilemmas. Alcoholism is an extreme need of both the body and personality sometimes to release the nervousness that has accumulated and continues to build up to an unbearable degree. It serves the same function for the collective personality for the society, as well A culture in which alcohol and tranquillizers are the prevalent form of release prefers not to witness internal confusion and actually choose to act without conscious participation, maintaining a semi-numb condition."
Cannabis also acts as an antispasmodic and anticonvulsant and is indicated for neurological conditions such as epilepsy especially complex partial seizures, multiple sclerosis, and spasms. As an analgesic and an immunomodulator it is indicated for conditions such as migraine, arthritis, spinal and skeletal disorders.
As a bronchodilator it is beneficial for asthma. It also reduces the intraocular pressure and is indicated for glaucoma.
It is useful in treating premenstrual syndrome, hypertension, insomnia, constipation and alcohol hangovers.
Marinol, is now becoming widely available through prescription. It comes in the form of a pill and is also being studied by researchers for suitability via other delivery methods, such as an inhaler or patch. The active ingredient of Marinol is synthetic THC, which has been found to relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients and to assist with loss of appetite with AIDS patients.
Recent studies have shown marijuana to be effective in treating mood disorders and mental health issues such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder.

Apparently, considering the US DEA decrees that marijuana has no accepted medical use, they want you to use their drugs which are far worse! Have you ever read the side effects of some of the prescription drugs used to treat the diseases and ailments I outlined above, that could be treated just as well if not better, with marijuana?
When will lawmaker stop listening to religious crusaders and self-righteous fanatics to do what is right, in legalizing a natural herb that can potentially cure, or at least help millions from suffering needlessly?
When will lawmaker stop listening to those who profit from keeping marijuana illegal and do what is right, in legalizing a natural herb that has been used in societies longer than this society has even existed?
Do you believe that marijuana is a legitimate medicine? Do you believe it should be legalized? Please leave your opinions in the form of a comment bellow. Addicts Not Anonymous readers and I would really like to know what you think about America's (and the world's) marijuana policies.
Written By: Tom Retterbush
This article is actually an updated, more complete version of my earlier article, Is Marijuana the Wonder Drug that could Help Millions of People?, which appeared on, Sunday, May 8, 2011.
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Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?
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Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?
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Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?
Is Marijuana really the Wonder-Drug that could Help Millions or actually a Menace of Society?

Is Marijuana the Wonder Drug that could Help Millions of People?
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