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Is It Wrong to Sleep with a Stranger in the Hope of Getting Pregnant?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Is it wrong to have a one night one stand with a complete stranger in the hope of getting pregnant? Was the question posed upon one mums lips. I had to think carefully before answering this dilemma.

Is it wrong to sleep with a stranger in the hope of getting pregnant?



What on earth could I advise this mom to do?


Of course morally yes it is wrong, but, I could also understand her argument.


This mom had raised a happy and contended toddler and now her only child was starting nursery, like many mums with children of this age we do contemplate whether now would be the right time to add to our family. But this mom in particular is single, she does not want a man in her life.


Here we have a single mother with a child who wishes to have another baby, without the strings attached to a father on the scene.


Does a child need a father? No they don’t. BUT is it wrong to use a man in such a way? YES it is.


How would you explain to the child when it is old enough to ask about its father? Do you tell the truth? What if the stranger turned up at your doorstep wanting to become involved?


Are there not other and more safer ways to add to your family without sleeping with men you do not know? Consider a sperm bank? Surrogacy? There are other options available. Yet as she told me she had looked into these but they seemed daunting and time consuming.


I can see the argument from both sides and I understand a women’s desire to become a mother can be great and sometimes women will go to desperate lengths to become mothers, but is it wrong to sleep with a stranger to get pregnant? I leave that to you to decide ….

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