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Is It Cheeky To Ask Bridesmaids To Pay For Their Own Dresses?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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When Matt and I finally set the date and had decided upon the finer details I couldn’t wait to ask my chosen friends to be bridesmaids.

“Is It Cheeky To Ask Bridesmaids To Pay For Their Own Dresses?” I asked the husband to be

The problem was we were having an adult bridesmaid for each of the younger children that meant we were having 5 adult bridesmaids, the cost for their dresses were out of my budget.

I made it very clear that we would love for them to be bridesmaid but we understood if they wanted to think about it or decline as we were not able to cover their costs.

All 5 of them were more than happy with paying for their own. It also meant they could choose their own shoes and accessories.

It certainly saved us a small fortune, we already had the wedding, our outfits and 6 children’s outfits too cover.

Is it cheeky to ask bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses? I don’t think so and in this day and age I actually think many expect to pay for their own.

Weddings just get ridiculous, I know it’s meant to be the day you feel like a princess but when I look back on my day it was perfect despite sticking to a 3,500 budget. I know friends who have spent 3 even 4 times that amount.

I think anyone who starts taking out loans and getting into debt for a wedding is sheer crazy, you have to be able to live by your means.

What if the style you have chosen is one they don’t like? Who even has the last say on the dress?

You waste all that money on a dress they will never wear again so I compromised and allowed them to choose their own styles, just sticking to the color scheme. , most choose a dress they could wear again.

I bought my own wedding dress from eBay, China and it cost me £90 and it was perfect in every way, the girl’s bridesmaid dresses were also purchased from eBay at a fraction of the cost from a specialist wedding shop.

I do not regret asking the bridesmaids to buy their own dresses and recommend that all brides so the same.

I asked my friends on Facebook what they thought and  22 of them said it was cheeky to ask and 22 of them said of course it wasn’t.

Is It Cheeky To Ask Bridesmaids To Pay For Their Own Dresses? What do you think?

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