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International Cell Phone Rentals - A Trap Or a Genuine Money Saver

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Ajvats @branderful

Renting an international cell phone can be a good and cost effective option to stay connected,  if your travel duration is brief. There are many companies offering international cellphone on rent with alluring plans, but I recommend caution before putting yourself in a trap with some trickster.
You will find many companies when browsing through Google but make sure you check their reviews before deciding the purchase. I have shortlisted some companies based on multiple reviews, based on the personal experiences of many.
Recommended companies for renting an international cellphone or SIM card:-
  • Telestial – Offering prepaid SIM cards, unlocked GSM and satellite phones for international travelers. Has the largest market share of North America’s market
  • Cell HireSave over 70% on your calls abroad with free incoming calls!
  • Mobal - No contract cell phones which are affordable & easy to use
  • Cellular Abroad - National Geographic International cell phone rentals and travel SIM cards

You can do a sim card only purchase, if your phone is quad-band,  simply meaning it support 4 frequencies. Please check your phone manufacturer or check out the product catalogue for confirmation.
Please ensure that you purchase or carry adapter for foreign AC converters. This will allow you to plug your charger into European / international electrical outlets.
The Europe emergency number for police, fire, and ambulance is 112 and 911 works only in states. Outside Europe, emergency numbers will vary by country.
True Places are never on the Map – Happy Traveling !!

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