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Interesting Psak: Take out the Body of the Woman Buried Next to the Missionary

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Hamechadesh is reporting on a series of interesting piskei halacha regarding the discovery of undercover missionaries posing as Haredi Jews in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem a short while ago.
Four questions on the matter were asked of Rav Baruch Shraga, Av Beis Din and Rosh Kollel in Jerusalem.
Further investigation has clarified with definitive information that they were not Jewish at all, and therefore the following questions are asked:
1. It has become known that he circumcised children as a mohel - will those children need a new bris (via hatafas dam - extracting a drop of blood) or were those circumcisions kosher?
2. He officiated at Jewish weddings - are those couples considered married or must they redo the weddings?
3. Any tefillin he wrote and sold to people - are they kosher or not, and if not do they need to be destroyed in a fire or put in geniza?Interesting Psak: take out the body of the woman buried next to the missionary
4. The wife was buried in a Jewish cemetery and is buried next to a frum woman who kept torah and mitzvos (she is buried in what is called "komot" - drawers in a wall in Har Hamenuchot, and she is directly above a frum woman's body) - should the frum woman's body be disinterred, exhumed, and reburied elsewhere because the missionary wont remove his dead wife's body and they should not be buried next to each other?
Rav Shraga paskened that:1. any Jewish children circumcised by him, must be redone via hatafat dam bris2. if there were kosher witnesses at a wedding officiated by the missionary, the couple does not need to remarry. If he was a witness at a wedding, that couple will need to remarry properly with proper brachot and a new ketuba.3. The frum Jewish woman buried beneath her should be disinterred and reburied elsewhere, and this should be done as soon as possible.
it seems that the psak really prefers that the missionary wife be removed from her grave, but presumably she won't be so then the Jewish woman should be moved so as not to be buried next to her.
And, in the responses it seems there is no answer regarding the tefillin written by the mission ry. That being said, it seems obvious that any tefillin he wrote would not be kosher and need to be replaced.
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