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Inspiration from Grief: What My Own Blended Family Taught Me

By Momishblog @momishblog
I'm blessed with four parents who love me dearly.  My friends all have trouble keeping my parents straight so they coined the names Mom1 & Dad2 along with Dad1 and Mom2.  I typically only refer to them that way in front of others.  When we're together a family we're simply a family, no designations required.
The last two weeks has been tough for our family.  Mom2 lost her beloved father after a long battle with dementia.  While it was likely unintentional, watching her and my father go through one of life's toughest moments has been a great example for us all.  I guess that's what parenting is all about, living life as an example even when especially when you're not trying to.
My parents are very different people.  The term "opposites attract" always comes to mind.  Mom's family is large and loud and always moving.  Dad's family is small and quiet and intentional.  Together they have found a way for over 20 years to be a great team.  This shined through in these final weeks of my grandfather's life.  They continued to be a great example of what it takes to make marriage work.  No matter the frustration, the exhaustion, or the heartache I watched them be there for one another.  It's what we hope to live up to in our own home.
Watching my parents manage this difficult time was inspiring.  They took time off from work and from life to care for my grandfather in his final days.  They've managed arrangements, family travel schedules, meals, who's staying where and with whom, and much more all while grieving a pain that will never completely heal.  They laughed and they cried.  They loved their family even in the most difficult of circumstances.  They paid attention to the details but never got lost in them.  They continued to enjoy the precious and very rare time my family gets to spend together even though the circumstances were disheartening.  They held the youngest family members while saying goodbye to our eldest. They showed us how to let someone go with dignity and grace.
For this and so much more they've given me, I'm grateful beyond measure.  Dad & Mom, I love you with all of my heart and am blessed to be your daughter.

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