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Inside The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum in Rockport, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum: Lincoln's Handiwork

Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum: Lincoln's Handiwork

What better way to end the work week than with a little Indiana history–and The Lincoln Pioneer Village in Rockport, Indiana is a great place to start!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Spencer County in general is just teeming with Abraham Lincoln stuff: Museums, artifacts, and so much more because this is where Honest Abe spent the most formative years of his life.

Our stop at the Lincoln Pioneer Village in Rockport was so much fun: Inside and out! But today? Let’s begin with the inside–The Museum!

The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum–Museum

Walking inside, you can’t miss the gorgeous (and unusual) square piano with beautifully carved legs. From here, you’ll see all sorts of glass cabinets containing cases and cases of area history.

Hubs took the kids to the back of the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum so they could check out the history video. I took my time wandering among the cabinets led by Charlie Finecy, the Executive Director of the whole thing.

On the tour, the period dresses stuck out to me–did you know that widows wore all black and as time passed, they slowly added decorative touches to their black frocks?

Not On My Walls!

The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum had a very elaborate hair wreath. Now, these things have always creeped me out a bit. I mean, a wreath made of hair from dead people? Not my cup of tea.

But, Charlie shared with me a little fact he learned: It wasn’t only the hair of someone who passed, in many cases, a lock of hair was taken on special occasions like weddings or confirmation. That puts a whole different (happier) spin on it! Even so…it’s still not something I’d particularly want to have!

Abe Lincoln: Woodworker?

Hair Wreath at the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum in Rockport, Indiana

Hair Wreath at the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum in Rockport, Indiana--Click Image to View Larger!

There’s also a cabinet that Thomas Lincoln, Abe’s father, made for a neighbor. I didn’t even know he did that! Is that a neat bit of Indiana history or what?

What’s interesting is that the detail? Was done by Abe–which we know in part because it wasn’t the best. He was young so he didn’t yet possess the skillfulness of his father.

Family Fun

If you think this sounds good, wait until you learn all about what lies outside! Here’s one clue: Cabins. It’s just fantastic! More on that later.

Charlie Finecy, your knowledge is astounding. little Indiana learned so many things about Abraham Lincoln and pioneer life in general. It was truly one of the highlights of our visit. Thank you SO MUCH for your time–and patience!

See more of Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum as well as images in Spencer County and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum
928 Fairground Drive
Rockport, IN 47635

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Special thanks to Paula Werne at Holiday World and the Spencer County Tourism Bureau for arranging our visit! Opinions are mine and mine alone (as always).

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