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Indie Brands Series: Silk Naturals Vitamin C Peptide Serum and Why You Should Never Buy Just a Sample of This!

By Ladydevz @Ladydevzz
I am not a fan of going the whole "I-want-skin-paler-than-milk" route. But at the same time, I face a common concern that many darker skinned ladies especially from India share - pigmentation around cheeks and mouth.
Part of it is caused by @#@$ facial hair(Darn You, whoever or whatever decided that women would ever need facial hair!!!) . Part of it is caused by sun-tan, genetics, hormones - you name it.
Hence my lifelong search for brightening (not lightening!) products that would give me that magical uniform looking complexion albeit for the time I using it.
In my search for the Unicorn, I have stumbled across many Vit C products. Some are a huge MEH (expect some posts soon!). A few like this one from Silk Naturals are potential HGs.

Indie Brands Series: Silk Naturals Vitamin C Peptide Serum and why you should never buy just a sample of this!

Courtesy: Silk Naturals website

So I got this one in a small sample size from Silk Naturals along with a lot of their lippies which unfortunately are not my favs. And this serum was an afterthought.
Which has in retrospective, made me so regretful. Cos this is one of the best performing serums ever!
Phyrra - a vegan makeup blogger whom I follow and whom you may know - had some glowing reviews for this serum and I totally get why.
In 1 Line, Why You Need To Try This - Cos this is an amazingly pocket friendly serum that gives you awesome results - fresh, dewy brighter skin - from 1st try and consistent results all along.
Since I got only a sample, I couldn't comment on the long term benefits. But in a few uses, I could see this doing some great things. I used this at night, and the next 2 days would be days when I could get by on just a sun screen and yet look good enough. I could actually see this evening out my complexion though the results didnt last more than 2 days after 1 use. But I've learnt that it is probably unrealistic to expect a cosmetic product to permanently transform a genetic or hormonal condition.
Unlike most Vit C serums, I didnt notice any slight burning or tingling sensations with this, so I am assuming this would be gentle enough with most skin types.
I should note - like with all Vit C products I use, I used this one at night and followed up in the morning with sunscreen with SPF greater than 30.
Their shipping to Canada is the only bad thing :( But it aint so bad, so I may be placing an order soon. And learn from me - dont waste your time and shipping cost by just ordering a sample!

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