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In Their Own Words: Fashion Designer & Innovator Anke Domaske

By Attireclub @attireclub
Anke Domaske is the founder of the QMilk company, which produces garments from milk protein. It all began when Anke was searching for chemically untreated clothing for her stepfather who was struggling with serious health problems. Fibers made from milk proteins became her interest and in April 2011 she started her brand focusing on developing clothing made from raw and renewable materials. In Their Own Words: Fashion Designer & Innovator Anke Domaske In this interview, Anke discusses the techniques of turning milk into clothing, the merge of fashion and technology and what she thinks will be the next big thing. You discovered that you could develop materials from milk protein out of need for materials that had not been treated chemically. How can your fabrics help people?

Anke Domaske: There are more than 6 million people in Germany alone that suffer from neurodermitis. 1 kg of fabrics needs at least 1 kg of chemicals only for the dying. The idea was to create a chemical free fiber, to avoid many triggers of allergies. The reason was that my step dad suffered from a textile allergy and we couldn't find for him anything to wear. That's why we have thought of an alternative concept.

Can you explain in a few words how you actually create fabrics from milk protein?

AD: When milk turns sour, the whey separates from the protein. The protein is dried to a protein powder. Then it is being put into a machine that works like a noodle machine. Then you add water to it and you create dough. At the end you find a spinneret with so fine holes that you don't receive noodles but fine fibers.

Given that you work in a field that is quite futuristic, how do you see the relationship between biotechnology and fashion evolve in the future?

AD: I think it will become a major part. There are over 6 million tons of fibers missing currently in the market and the gap is rising. We have to look for future resources how we can create fibers to fill this gap.

In Their Own Words: Fashion Designer & Innovator Anke Domaske
Do you think the mainstream is ready for fabrics that are more eco-friendly and clean?

AD: I think it is sad that fashion has become a waste product. Hardly anyone sees the effort from a fiber becoming a final piece of clothing. I think there will be always the part of the world that wants the fast fashion, but I do see that there is the opposite movement as well, where it is again about to have clothing for several years and ecologically produced.

What do you think will be the biggest developments in fabrics and clothing in the near future?

AD: I think smart fabrics from waste streams will be the next development, plus also the electronically fabrics. It will fill an urgent need. Because our use of textiles is rising and our resources we use currently are endless.

Where would you like to take QMilk next?

AD: We are currently entering the market in different textile fields. We are at the moment happy when we can stabilize the things we have created so far. For us, it's a lifetime work and it is so much fun discovering the many properties and possibilities the material has.

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