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In The Words of Maya Angelou, “Don’t Bring Negative To My Door.”

By Steph's Scribe @stephverni

NegativeI’ve always been a cheerleader. In 7th grade I made the squad, and then again in high school I made it, and I cheered throughout my years in school. When I was done there, I cheered with the band at Towson University for the Tigers, and then did it again for the Orioles as a front office employee. Now, as a grown, middle-aged woman who works as an educator, I cheer for my students. Cheerleaders want others to do well for themselves. We have hope inside of us, and wish the best for others.

You may be wondering what’s charged me up tonight. It’s a long story, and one I’d rather not relay at the moment. It is, indeed, a short vent, and I will try to control myself. Let me put it plainly: I cannot stand—and prefer to remove myself from—all negativity. It beats you down and wears you out. It’s exhausting. And whether it’s someone you know peripherally or someone you know dearly, negativity and “dream killers” are to be avoided. This is a warning: stay away. Don’t bring negativity to my cheerleading door.

I find it remarkably appalling that people try to put others down and kill them either to their face or behind their backs. People have “dreams” for a reason. And though some may be more attainable than others, every single person has a right to fight for that dream without being demoralized, scoffed at, or ridiculed for thinking small or big. No great thinkers and innovators would be where they are today had they not had the inclination to GO FOR IT.


It takes a great deal of spirit to hunker down and try for something you want. Therefore, I prefer to be a dreamer and positive thinker. I do pay attention to reality, but sometimes reality is very dull. Dreaming is much more to my liking. What the Queen in Alice in Wonderland said in the adjacent quote gives one hope. The mere word impossible should fire you up to prove the naysayers wrong. That is a problem—listening to jerks fill you with nonsense that you shouldn’t try something that’s in your blood must be avoided. Pronto.

I’m locking up my door and am determined not to allow those types of people in any longer.

Care to join me?


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