In The Recovery Of (Fiat) Currency, Bitcoin, And Addiction

Posted on the 12 October 2021 by Saeed Ashif Ahmed @saeedashifahmed

So, how did I get to be so depressed and hopeless as I was, and then how did I magically - and painstakingly - get to where I am now? What were the acts I did, the reasons for those actions, and the destructive patterns that developed and created the incentive structure that molded my current reality? As I continue along this more enlightened road, what activities will I do in the form of service, self-care, and human connection will help me stay on track? Before we move on with our guide, register yourself on the and learn all the latest trends and the trading ways in the currency.

In The Recovery Of (Fiat) Currency, Bitcoin, And Addiction

I've stopped worrying about the reasons that led to my addiction to alcohol. For many of us, the laundry list of reasons is the same as it is for others. I began with my family, genetics, and a few other factors, and everything else was simply a game of chance for me. For me, what's essential is how I responded to everything that happened and how I react to life in general now.

Today, I have to be on the lookout for when a terrifying tale comes into my mind, such as, "Some of the worst things that have occurred to me never ever happened." ― American author Mark Twain. My alcoholism is now more apparent to me, but I've found more lately that I had another addiction I was completely unaware of: fiat money.

Any number of random discussions and text threads regarding current events wind up with me adding a casual and sometimes not so simple, "Bitcoin solves this," or "Better purchase some more bitcoin," or "Good work on cutting out those expenses... more bitcoin."

After reading one article about how meat prices are rising and another about how timber costs are skyrocketing, I can't help but finish my judgment with the phrase: "It's all a signal." Make the most of your time and efforts by investing in something that has the most remarkable ability to hold value over distance and time - more bitcoin."

To pay these obligations, the powers that be would prefer to create money to achieve their goal rather than distributing tax income efficiently and implementing austerity measures in the first place. Abstinence is very difficult for the alcoholic or addict.

When you suddenly deprive the neurological system of the chemical on which it has been reliant, it is a difficult choice to make. According to many experts, if a single extensive nervous system represents the population, we live on debt and cheap money in an unsustainable manner. When an alcoholic or addict chooses to become clean and sober and cut themselves off from the harmful behavior and drugs on which they have been dependent, it may feel like a life-threatening situation to them. Furthermore, in many instances, individuals need medical assistance throughout their detoxification. Otherwise, the procedure may be deadly. The actual job typically starts when the dust has settled, and their body is no longer reliant on the drugs.

Freedom from the illness motivates the individual alcoholic or addict to seek treatment and recovery. They will enjoy the rewards if they are successful in their endeavor. In most cases, family and friends get significant benefits as well. Communities and society as a whole gain as a result of these efforts.

Let us now consider the incentives for those who administer monetary systems, such as central bankers and governments. What are their financial motivations to oversee a new, more equitable economic system? Even if the crowds came after them, they would escape since they had money and other resources. They had been subsisting only on the produce of the land. Why would they want to alter the existing organizational structure? In their world, the rules change on a whim, and they are well-versed in how to behave to come out on top.

The result is Bitcoin, a decentralized financial network that is available to anybody everywhere globally at any time, with no gatekeepers, intermediaries, or single points of failure. The asset's supply is limited in time. Those who have earned it via demonstrable labor and energy expenditure may choose to exchange it for other currencies, commodities, or services, which is a classic example of trickle-down economics.


As a society, we must change our reliance on the cheapest goods and labor to overcome the ills of wasteful consumption, re-election campaigns, purchased government officials, and other unsustainable reliance's on the most affordable goods and delivery. To do so, we must adopt better money as a means of effecting change. Bitcoin is the solution to this problem.

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