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In Search for the Goodness in a Faux Leader's Soul

Posted on the 05 July 2017 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten

Greatness does not lie in Wealth or Power, but in Character and Goodness"
~~~ Anne Frank
Where is the
Goodness in such an Immoral character like Donald Trump? Damn!! I really would
like to know, cause the Republican Party has always bragged about being the
Party of Morals and "Family Values", as the Conservative
Middle-Class' protectors of America's Working Family.
All the GOP Sins
committed since the Great Communicator, and created by all their phony
Values...rewarded them with a Man called Trump!...but remember, Karma is at the
batter's box, just waiting to cause havoc upon an already tumultuous American
Administration!! Trump style
Immorality has been part of the GOP, ever since I can remember...they just left
it home most of the week, and a little civil discretion helped, too.  Today, Christian
Evangelicals and Right-Wing organizations are heavily promoting Immorality,
Hatred, and Bigotry as the new Morality...normalizing it to an even lower
standard...and a dreadfully Spineless GOP has embraced the bait...hook, line,
Now, with the
Immorality of a President who lives for just that one sound-byte moment of
Indecency, the same man who sets the tone for who "We, the People"
are around the World...the Republicans have decided, in the zeitgeist of
Trumpism, that Indecency and Immorality works just fine! Ahhyup! Example? Their
preparation to royally screw the status of America's Health and commence the
Death March for the first 200,000 Americans! Oddly enough, a
major portion of those Americans now condemned to death by the GOP's Trumpcare,
are Trump's fanatic
know?...the not too bright, not too educated ones Trump loves so dearly? Will
their tush be surprised with the kick they are about to receive!! The GOP and
their beloved Trumpo, the Orange Orangutan, are throwing them...the whole
lot!... way, way under the Bus!
Yes! Mr. Stupid!
It's not about his great plans for all those you don't agree with, or
despise...they're coming for you too, asshole!! You're gonna love their
"Repeal and Replace"! least, as you lay dying won't need
to call it "Obamacare" anymore! Hurry!! You can now, be proud of your
new "Trumpcare" you take your final breadths!  
It's amazing, this
era of Donald J Trump!...easily, the most incompetent and poorly administrated
Administration in US History!! The United States has become the embarrassment
of this entire Planet. Trump has committed 
an act of public embarrassment every single day of his 166 days in
office, since becoming President!...he's become an embarrassment not just to
America...but, throughout the World!
This Fool, who
dresses as a President, has been exposed by Foreign Leaders around the World,
as the perfect "mark"'s going to be hard for the United States
to command its influence or any influence for that matter, particularly in
today's climate on the Political World Stage, when everyone knows that our
"Leader" is a 70 yr. old psychotic cry-baby, who puts on a temper
tantrum when ordinary people or the Press criticize him, also, if he's not the
center of attention...or if he can't get his way!Baby Donny comes out
whenever the 70 yrs old fool, has a meltdown! 
He has no imagination or understanding of High School US Government 101
or World History, and thinks of himself as if he's the "Greatest Negotiator
on the Planet"!
Real Leaders know
how to skirt around Foolish Idiots. In this game of World Political Poker
currently being played, overseas; Don the Con is the "Mark"...and
Vlad Putin holds the Trump Card! "sad"
One short meeting
and you know this man's character, his flaws and his vindictive
strengths...yes! Macron, Merkel, and Trudeau are now, the new true Leaders of
the Free World!
Meanwhile, Donald
Trump gallivants around, praising his wonderfully indecent relationships with
known murderers Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Rodrigo Duterte (who
'personally' commits all his own murders)...and his open admiration for Neil
Farage and Marine Le Pen? His disgraceful attitude towards NATO? his crazy far
out antics at the Paris Climate Accords and the G7 Summit Meetings? along with
his visits to the Vatican, Saudi Arabia, and finally "arriving" in
Israel from the "Middle East"!?!?
All the President's
antics has made a lot of World Leaders, think twice and totally mistrust the
United States. While Russia and Putin's computers continue to disrupt country
after country, his Puppet continues on his mission. The shameless acts
and words that's cost our historical allies in France, Germany, and especially
Great Britain, for the first time ever, mistrusts the intentions of the United
States of America!
Yes! We have reached
that pinnacle of rotten, totally Incompetent Foreign Affairs Policies, and
miserable Amateurish Diplomatic efforts, run by a very understaffed Amateur
State Department with orders from an Amateur US Administration. What it means
for our Country, and what it means for the rest of the world, is alarming! But, where's our
National Dialogue? That's even more alarming!
Doesn't Donald Trump
in his 70 yrs. on this earth, ever had any shame or any shred of moral
decency?? We all know, he's got no backbone!! NEVER! All the
multiple shameful sins of his very overt private life! his ever present public
life, and now as President of an entire Nation!... a Nation in which he
'supposed' to be representing! know? those taxpayers that are paying his
My question still
remains; Where is the Goodness and moral Character of this man called Trump??
Where is his Heart?ETHICS: How Ethical
is his standards of practice? How Ethical is the failed Human Experiment named
Donald Trump??MORALS: The one
thing that stands out most about Le Grande Orange, is his total spiritual lack
of Empathy or Remorse, His embracement of Ayn Rand's philosophy on the
Rejection of Altruism, and his sordid natural gift for his enormous Immoral
Behavior, which he holds towards everyone in every sector of our Society, and
around the World.DIGNITY: Dignity?
Besides constantly degrading the Dignity of his Office?...The Man is a Pig! His
Dignity starts when he falls asleep after Tweeting the World to death, and it
stops functioning a few hours later, when he wakes up! It only takes one time to
see 30 seconds of his facial expressions, to know why Donald Trump is the most
undignified US President in this Nation's History. CREDIBILITY: As a
world renowned mega-compulsive Liar, who lies openly in public , and is
Guinness Book's "Lies" Record Holder ...where is 'his' Credibility?SELF CONTROL: The
Man has absolutely no Self-Control in Life! Twitter exposed 'that'!...and it's
his most dangerous Achilles Heel!KNOWLEDGE: Remember,
Donald Trump graduated from High School cause Dad bought his Diploma! And
Donald Trump graduated from College cause Dad bought his Degree! This Little
Man has been exposed in America...and now, throughout the a dumb
Rich Kid with street smarts, who could only succeed in life by using confidence
schemes, deceiving all his clients, ripping them off, and never paying his
Bills! Knowledge? He's been
outed as a Fake by his own big fat mouth! By his constant use of
extraordinarily horrible stupid  remarks,
he easily convinced the World of his one and only Truth...a permanent Dunce Cap
throughout his school days, could be the cause of his baldness that morphed
into his terribly spectacular comb-over. How knowledgeable is
our Commander-in-Chief? Just remember he's a genius within his own
imagination!...he really did say the remarkably dumb and embarrassing lame
statement, that he arrived in Israel 'from' the Middle East!!And America is
supposed to be impressed with this Clown??
CLASS: Donald Trump
also proves that being from Upper Class doesn't necessarily mean you have any
"Class". In his case, no class at all! All his rudeness and
unapologetic actions and that of his family, just proves to America...and the
rest of the Planet...what so many already knew; the Family Trump, anyway you
cut it...has absolutely no Class! 
So! Inquisitive
people would still like to know; Where's is the Goodness of Master Donald?!?!Start with a Man who
privately has a serious personal hang-up with the opposite sex. An avowed
Philanderer, A misogynist who enjoys groping women, and a man who loves to
publicly degrade women. His love to hurt people is to elevate his sense of
self-worth. A Rapist who got away with the Law and believes that there's no
such thing as "Marital Rape"! But Ivanna knows better! Where is the
Goodness and Moral Character of Donald Trump, the merit in all of these
situations?  A crazy Maniacal
Egocentric with a such a bad case of Narcissism, that he needs tanning spray
24/7! It's his need from Baby Donny, the cry for attention and compliments. Showing his
toughness against CNN in an edited version of an old WWE tape, he got paid to
perform years ago. All his self-accolades about the "Brilliant
Businessman", then goes out and uses a Fake Time Cover, that hangs in all
his properties around the World!...And his call for a Cabinet meeting, taking
these people out of whatever work or meetings they had...just for them, to each
stand up and make a short speech in front of all the cameras and the Press , on
his tremendous personal Intelligence, his Superb Character, and Greatness of
his Leadership and Job performance as President. Pretty much a Meeting arranged
by the President as a forced 
congratulatory ass-kissing, ego-lifting event! There's no honor in
complimenting yourself, Mein Führer! Donald Trump's Human Greatness? Not in
this lifetime!! 
An incompetent
uneducated President, a man with no Ethics, no Morals or Scruples, no Respect,
no Dignity, absolutely no Credibility or Self-Control, and especially a man
with no human understanding of the basics of education! What's so good about
Donald Trump?...he'll never know what true Greatness really is, or how it
really feels. Pity!
A Man like
this??...does it take a Donald Trump to wake up a Nation from this Batshit
Kool-Aid addiction that produced a Donald Trump in the first place??
No one, not even
Ivana, Marla, or Melania  could ever tell
you about his Goodness, cause in all honesty...there's just nothing Good about
this Man!And to anyone, if
you still forever believe in the Greatness of The Donald, my question still
forever remains; Where's all that Goodness of his?!?! And where in the hell is
his Good Moral Character and that Good Heart?!?!
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