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In Our Modern World, The Cultural Left and SJW’s Are Actually Normie Entities

Posted on the 12 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

The posts about mixed race like transniggers as well as the stuff about transsexuals hinted of normie thinking. Of course, the transsexual thing is a total thing for choice, as opposed to mixed race which someone is born with. People have been mixing since the start of time, and many groups like the Irish and Scotch Irish normally have members with frizzy curly hair etc. Fortunately they don’t enslave them.

There’s nothing wrong with agreeing with society’s rules and views if you think those views are correct.

That’s not what Normieism is all about.

This page here is all about Normieism.

I don’t think some of you get it. Normies are assholes! Just because I agree with some of society’s views and that makes me conform does not make me a Normie. There’s nothing wrong with going along with society if you happen to agree, but when society’s views are simply insane, as they often are, then you are an idiot to conform, and you should be smart and reject society.

The problem with Normies is that they go along with society’s rules because they feel that they have to and they are afraid of rejection if they go against them. And they have never stopped to think if society’s rules and views make sense or not. They simply adopt those rules and views without even thinking. Normieism is unbelievably closed-minded and incurious.

Nowadays it is practically Normie to love trannies! To love trannies, gays, bis and whatevers, and whatever sexual perversions and deviancies du jour, to be idiotically “anti-racist,” a race denier, and a gender feminist. All those things are Normie. I get massacred by Normies all the time for violating the SJW/Cultural Left agenda. You either go along with the Cultural Left or you are an evil hater bigot.

Bottom line is SJWism and the Cultural Left nowadays is Normie thinking. The Cultural Left line is the normal, accepted, conforming view for most of society. If I go against the Cultural Left here in my town or even with the people I hang out with, I am going to stir up a hornet’s nest full of troubles.

Even my Mom and siblings are very Cultural Left. They are mostly going along with the whole crazy project – gays, trannies, sexual perversion du jour, genderqueer, being nongender or neither male nor female, and on and on, it’s all a-ok in my family. The attitude is, “Hey, whatever. Let people do whatever they want to. None of this stuff is a serious problem. Any of these people can do whatever they want to along these lines. and it’s nothing to the rest of us or society at large.”

On feminism and race, they go more against Normieism. Two siblings are opposed to gender feminism, and two siblings and my Mom are quite realist on race. There is one sibling that is SJW all the way. In addition, they are sadly the worst feminazi in the family, but most of the time, they never talk about it, so it’s not a problem.

My Mom is very sensitive on gender stuff because she’s female, and she is a gender feminist to some extent. I believe she is “supporting her people.” Normally I think everyone should support their own people, but the feminists take this too far beyond actual support all the way to waging warfare against men. If supporting your people means punching me in the face, I will not support your endeavor. You need to find a better way to support your kind that doesn’t involve hitting me.

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