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In-Demand Careers and Job Trends in Today’s Economy

Posted on the 10 January 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters

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When considering your future career, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. Certainly, you must have a strong desire to pursue a career that will interest you and make you happy each and every day, but it is also important to choose a field that will offer you a wealth of opportunities. At any point in time, certain fields of employment experience greater demand than others, so it is vital for future job-seekers to stay knowledgeable about which job will offer the best opportunities going forward. Some of these jobs may require an industry certification, such as a bookkeeping certification, while others may require higher level degrees, such as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. According to CSI’s Gurnee medical assistant training school, there are several industries that are currently experiencing rapid growth, and health care is at the top of the list:

  • Health Care
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Technology

These fields are likely to be among the jobs that are most in demand in the future, and will likely be among the best-paying as well. Obviously, each job is different, and your interest in a profession should not be based solely on its potential future demand.

Health Care

The health care industry is already massive due to the current needs of an aging population. As medical technology advances and people continue to live longer, there will be an increasing need for health care professionals. Additionally, many health care careers may only require two years of higher education, while others require entry into doctoral programs. There are a wide variety of positions available for individuals with varied interests, making the health care profession one of the fastest growing professions available.


Given the recent financial crisis, many institutions are clamoring for better oversight of the financial side of businesses. This has resulted in an increased demand for all types of financial professionals, including analysts, bookkeepers and accountants. These positions also require varying degrees of education, and the programs that offer these courses of study are already seeing an increase in student demand.


The educational field is expecting to add 1.4 million jobs to the economy by 2016, and judging by the tenor of politicians as of late, it seems that teachers are going to undergo a reevaluation of their proper value, something that should result in a significant change in the rate of pay and the way salaries are determined. This is good for the industry, as it will attract some of the best and brightest graduates away from other fields and into education. The fact that an ever-expanding population continues to grow only means that there will be an even larger need for highly qualified teachers in the future.


Our society is becoming more and more reliant on technology with each passing year. As a result, the technology sector has been experiencing a consistent rise in the demand for jobs in this field. That demand will only continue to increase as society will certainly not scale back its technology use any time soon. This field is difficult to project, as the jobs that will be necessary five years from now have yet to be created, as they are often determined in response to the new technologies that are developed.

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