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In Case You Haven't Heard: Milani & Jordana No Longer Cruelty Free

By Makeupguineapig @MakeUpGuineaPig
I believe it was last week that Tashina at Logical Harmony revealed that Milani and Jordana are no longer cruelty-free brands. I highly recommend that you check out her blog post here. The problem seems to be with the ingredients. Hearing this news deeply saddened me and made me feel kind of hopeless about drugstore cosmetic companies. Let’s face it, there were not very many quality cruelty-free drugstore brands to choose from that were readily available before this news, so where are we now? Not to mention, when Milani recently launched a ton of new products, I faithfully scoured stores to grab them all…and I really love some of them! And by far, Milani and Jordana had the best lip products on drugstore shelves.
In Case You Haven't Heard: Milani & Jordana No Longer Cruelty Free
After letting this news sink in for a week, I’m feeling a bit better. I wanted to make sure to let all of you know that these formerly cruelty-free companies have fallen in case you hadn’t seen the Logical Harmony post…or the many tweets and other blogs directing you to it. I’ve had a bit of difficulty figuring out just how to bring it up without copying Tashina’s post, and I finally decided just to write about my discouraged state because I’m sure plenty of you feel the same way. Not to dwell on the negative, I thought I would also point out what brands you can still find at the drugstore that are cruelty-free (at least as far as I know). So, without further ado, here are some of the cosmetic brands that I know of that are available in US drugstores that remain cruelty-free!
In Case You Haven't Heard: Milani & Jordana No Longer Cruelty Free
Wet N Wild – super affordable and surprisingly great quality, but there are some misses as well
Flower Beauty (Exclusive to Walmart) – I absolutely adore Flower’s products but, again, there are some duds too
Nuance (Exclusive to CVS) – I haven’t tried a whole lot from this line, but they have not only makeup, but skincare, hair care and body care as well!
Essence – a bit harder to find near me, but another super affordable brand with some great products (and some flops)
Hard Candy (Exclusive to Walmart) – I find Hard Candy to be rather hit and miss, but they do have some good products
Physician’s Formula – lots of great powder products and if you need a bronzer, they’ve got 100s to pick from! Not the least expensive of brands, but there are usually sales going on somewhere.
NYX Cosmetics – probably one of the best known, but so many products can be difficult to find in stores (Black Label Lipsticks for instance!). Lots of decent products and plenty of duds as well.
e.l.f. Cosmetics – Another wildly inexpensive brand that has some absolutely fantastic products, but some not so good too. I find the selection available in person to be less than desirable as well. The website has fantastic deals frequently and they have so much stuff! J
Jesse’s Girl (Exclusive to Rite Aid) – I’ve never tried anything from this company, so I don’t have any idea how the products perform
Palladio – Another brand I don’t think I’ve tried anything from
Prestige – I haven’t tried much from this brand either, but I have tried an eyeshadow and mascara and liked them both!
Jane Cosmetics (Exclusive to Ulta; may be owned by Stila who is no longer cruelty-free, but I’m not certain) – I love Jane’s eye products, but the shadows can get a bit pricey.
Bonnie Bell – I find this brand difficult to find much variety from, but I have tried an eyeshadow that was surprisingly ok (I say ok because it wasn’t terribly pigmented, but better than I had expected).
Sonia Kashuk (Exclusive to Target) – A bit more expensive than the rest and another one I haven’t explored much, but worth a mention
That’s all that’s coming to mind right now and if you can think of others, please let me know! Also,  if you know of any drugstore eye shadow pencils that are still cruelty-free, please comment below because I loved the Milani & Jordana versions. And I'd also be curious to know, what do you guys do with products from brands that used to be cruelty-free, but are not anymore? Do you still use them? Throw them away or give them away? I tend to keep mine, but rarely, if ever, touch them.
I hope this is helpful to you and that you feel a bit less discouraged. J Also, perhaps if we all write to Milani and Jordana about our dismay at this change, maybe they will have a change of heart.
Here is Milani’s Contact Info, or email them via form here: Milani Cosmetics 2111 East 49th Street Los Angeles, California 90058 Telephone: (323) 582-9404 Toll Free: (866) 789-8002
Here is Jordana’s Contact Info, or email them via web form here:    JORDANACOSMETICS 2035 EAST 49th STREET LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA 90058 Telephone:(323) 589-5625
Toll Free:(800) 726-4147
In Case You Haven't Heard: Milani & Jordana No Longer Cruelty Free
Case Haven't Heard: Milani Jordana Longer Cruelty Free

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