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In a Jam- Nearly a Year of Our Life Spent in Queues

Posted on the 05 October 2012 by 72point @72hub

The average adult spends the equivalent of almost a year of their life stuck in a queue, it has been revealed. A study of 2,000 Brits shows we will wait patiently (or not so patiently) whilst stuck in jams, waiting for the traffic lights or queuing for the toilet for a collective two hours and five minutes every week.

Over the course of one year that’s around 108 hours, or the equivalent of four-and-a-half days spent waiting.

During the average adult lifetime of 60.5 years this is a staggering 273 days, or 6,554 hours spent queuing.

Queues on the road actually make up the bulk of time spent in stand-stills- over an hour a week is spent grinding through slow-moving traffic (over 130 DAYS across a lifetime).

Raffaela De Vittorio, spokesman for luxury toilet brand Geberit AquaClean, said:

“Britain is renowned for being an incredibly polite nation, and as such as we are generally happy to take our place in a queue and wait our turn, especially if it’s something worth waiting for – such as using the loo.

“But the figures are quite astonishing when you work out how long this means we queue over the course of our adult lifetime – a lot can happen in a person’s life over a year.

“This is fine if patience is your strong point, but for those people who are in a permanent rush, the time could be better spent elsewhere”.

The research additionally found that motorway queues were the most stressful- 28% claimed nothing is worse than a string of cars looming on the horizon.

5% claimed the daily grind was worse, as queuing at traffic lights tipped their stress-levels over the edge.

Surprisingly, this meant that traffic queues were deemed more stressful than the airport, as only 17% thought the combination of queues a flight entails built up to a worse experience.

The poll also shows the longest Brits are prepared to queue for is one hour and 19 minutes- not helpful when you’re stuck in traffic, especially as Brits only see this kind of queue worthwhile when waiting for the likes of theme park rides or a delayed train.

Raffaela De Vittorio continued:

“As the research shows, Brits are quite happy to queue for most things in life especially if it’s a memorable or luxury experience.

“We’re firm believers that if you’re prepared to queue, then you should at least being queuing for the absolute best”.


Queuing for Toilet17 minutes

Queuing for food and drinks on a night out19 minutes

Queuing in the supermarket29 minutes

Queuing in traffic60 minutes

TOTAL125 minutes

Each year:

* 125 minutes x 52 weeks = 6,500 minutes or 108.33 hours or 4.5 days

* Average adult lifetime (age 18 to 78.5)
6,500 x 60.5 = 393,250 minutes or 6,554.16 hours or 273.09 days

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