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Imagine – Republicans Force a ‘Strike’ and Take The Entire Federal Government With Them?

Posted on the 09 April 2011 by Andy96

It appears to me, that even though the conservatives without conscience (CWCs) cannot support unions, especially public ones, they do support taking union type action – acting in unison as a group, like voting to strike. One difference between Congressional CWCs and unions, though, is that unions have a legal mechanism for striking but CWCs have no standing to ‘call a strike’ or prevent other government workers from working.

CWCs have been screaming “cut or shut” over finalizing the rest of the 2011 federal budget. They have been telling other Republicans and Democrats that all must accept their minority position on the budget and their social issue riders. If those in the majority don’t agree, the Congressional CWCs planned to, in unison, shut down the entire federal government.

Well they almost did it. But they wouldn’t have just ‘left the state’ after refusing to negotiate, they would have forced most of the federal government to leave their jobs. By doing so, they would have taken united action to an excessive and abusive level. This potential abuse of power by Congressional CWCs, far, far, far exceeds anything ever sanctioned by our labor laws.

If they had shut down the entire government, these Congressional CWCs deserve to be terminated from their jobs as would be done with any group of employees who would have taken such abusive, united action against their employer as well as their coworkers.

Imagine – Republicans Force a ‘Strike’ and Take The Entire Federal Government With Them?

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