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“Ignoring the Advice of Doctors and Dietitians Is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Do young women with eating disorders receive good care? In many ways the answer is probably yes. But when it comes to the food recommended, unfortunately it seems that ignorance is mind-numbing.

Here’s Annie Bengtsson’s story on how ice cream, candy and sweets were part of her treatment every day. And how sugar cravings are said to be caused by a lack of even more carbohydrates.

And here’s what happened when she ignored her dietitians’ dietary advice – “the best thing I’ve ever done”:

The Email

Hi Andreas!

I have followed your blog for a few months, and each post stirs up emotions in me. I get happy, angry and sad in a mix. I think  you’re a very inspiring person, you stand up for what you believe (know) and you don’t let yourself be swayed by others’ prejudice and ignorance. Please continue in the same way! We need more people like you in the world!

Six years ago I became anorexic, which transitioned into orthorexia and then finally depression and hypothyroidism. I can say that life felt pretty hopeless. For several years, I was treated for my eating disorders without really getting “well”. At the treatment center/hospital we were feed processed products, full of sugar, had very little protein and were showered with bad vegetable oils. Ice cream, candy and sweets were included every day during the treatment. My digestive system literally screamed after every meal, and nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea became my everyday life. But did they listen to me? No, of course not. I had an “eating disorder” and therefore, according to them, I was lying. Nutritional drinks full of added sugar, sweetened yogurt, pastry, pasta, rice, white bread, margarine, fruit juices, fruit in heavy syrup, ice cream and cookies are not what a sick person should eat. Aren’t you in the hospital because you want to get well and free from your issues? No, instead you’ll become sicker. What are they thinking?

According to my caregivers, carbohydrates were the most important things to consume, not protein, which is the only macronutrient that we cannot make from other nutrients, not fat that makes us satisfied, but insulin-raising carbohydrates. Furthermore, several times it was claimed that it’s the absence of carbohydrates that causes sugar cravings. Despite eating 7 meals per day, consisting of 60% carbohydrates and 3 nutritional drinks, chock-full of sugar, I had constant sugar cravings. Talk about ignorance!

After years of treatment, I decided to quit. I was so tired of all the nonsense I was being told. Instead I started to treat myself, no medications, no refined sugar, no bad vegetable oils – only real, nutritious food. I studied to become a nutritionist and have read countless books on different diets, nutrition and dietary approaches during the past year.

Today, I’m free from all of my issues. I’m free from my eating disorders and have eaten myself free from both hypothyroidism and depression. I’ve become myself again, an exuberant and happy 21-year old with a twinkle in my eye. And all this by choosing real food. To put it bluntly –  ignoring the doctors’ and dietitians’ advice is the best thing I’ve done! Of course there are good doctors/dietitians, but unfortunately there are many that don’t know how body and mind are interrelated, or how food affects us and how important it is that we get the right nutrition to enable us to function optimally.

During all my years as a sick person, I was constantly offered various types of drugs, anti-depressants, sleeping pills – you name it, I’ve tried it. Drugs are prescribed en masse and make you able to continue with your life as usual. But this never solves the underlying problem. Isn’t it better to attack the root cause, so that you don’t need to take drugs for the rest of your life? Just a thought.

Anyway, thank you for a great blog! Please continue to inspire and spread knowledge.

If you want, I’d be happy to see this e-mail published on your blog. If this helps someone else, it would be great!


Annie Bengtsson


It’s inspiring to hear about the great difference real food can make. Imagine if more young people with eating disorders would get help to eat real food instead of junk-carbohydrates. It would likely help many more.

Do you have your own experience that you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment.


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