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If You Smack Your Kids Then You Deserve a Slap

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

If you smack your kids then you deserve a slap

I hate hearing that children get smacked, yes we all have reacted at times and slapped hands or backs of the legs or bums in extreme situations, I remember one of mine darting out onto a road and I reacted by grabbing them and lightly tapping their bum, my heart was racing and my blood was fueled with fear, I lashed out. But if you are using smacking as a form of discipline then why are you even a parent?

What does smacking your child achieve? Do you want your child to fear you?

I have seen mothers smack their kids in public, I always feel angry and wonder what they would do if someone went up and slapped them, they would deserve it. How embarrassing you are to grab your child and smack it in front of other people, it does not make you look like a devoted mother, you are shown as a mother who has a temper. If you can do this in public, what can you do behind closed doors?

All you are doing is teaching your child that if you don’t like something then you lash out and hurt that person who you don’t like.

The laws state we can smack our children but not hitting them that hard that it would cause us to mark or bruise our children. Now this is the reason I detest smacking so much, why would any mother want to leave a huge red mark or even worse bruise their child, all because they could not control their own temper?

Is smacking abuse, yes I believe it is to an extent. It also shows what type of person you are.

Your child follows your lead, you are your child’s teacher and role model, they look up to you, if mommy hits then they can too, what you are teaching your child is very wrong.

When your child is playing with another child and doesn’t get his or her own way, the only way they know how to react is to hit out. Do you really want to be branded as the mother with the horrible child?

What does hitting your child teach it? Have you taken the time to explain to your child why you are angry or why they must not do that again? No ,you have just reacted and physically punished them, they may have no idea why you have just hurt them.

Ask yourself why your discipline involves shouting and smacking? Have you lost control?

How would you feel if you made a mistake and as a consequence someone much bigger and stronger than you came and smacked you?

What happens when the light smack no longer woks, do your smacks and slaps get harder? Where does this stop?

If your smacking your kids then your doing it wrong.

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