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If You Named Your Baby “Adele,” Now Is Not The Time For Your Baby To Start Its Own Branded Perfume Company!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The Sun reports that singer Adele has trademarked her name, meaning that if your name is Adele, and you are not the famous singer Adele, good luck starting your own brand of perfume of jewelry! And since “Adele” was one of the most popular baby names of 2012, enterprising, self-promoting babies with that name are going to have to look for other products to put their names on.

3 Products We’re Glad Adele May Not Have Trademarked

1. Music Award Statues. This could look a bit egotistical, and our money is on that if anyone besides the Grammies are going to trademark a Grammy, it’s going to be Kanye West.

2. Rollerblades, rolling pins, or steam rollers. It’s far too early for the Rolling In The Deep singer’s career to resort to allowing her song to appear in television commercials that are loosely relevant to her lyrics.

3. Jewelry Made Of Perfume. This could ruin our entire business plan to unveil the world’s first ice-perfume-necklaces! It’s a perfume you never need to apply because it just applies itself as it slowly melts! And once it completely melts, you have to buy another necklace, completing the perfect business plan. Anyway, due to the infallible nature of this business plan, we’re just glad mega-wealthy Adele does not appear to want to compete with us in this business that we hope to launch in 2018!

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