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If You Love Something, Let It Go. Right? Part 1 by @shikungigi

By Samkitots

It’s a cliché we all know and love to quote. We love to quote it when trying to comfort heartbroken friends and foe alike. Well, let me tell you a little story:

If you love something, let it go. Right? Part 1 by @shikungigi

Photo by @SteveKitots

There was a tiny little lady who lived in her tiny little world just letting nature takes its course because she had no idea what else to do. When I say nature takes its course I mean in the love department. (Of course I meant the love department. This is Shiku. What else could I possibly be talking about?) She listened as people said that there are four types of people in the world. She belonged to the group that watched things happen. Then one day she decided to be proactive. Oh yes, she was going to jump on this overused word and make things happen in her love life. She had been hanging out with this guy. This really cool guy who listened to her every woe, her every stupid issue. This guy was going places; not at that particular moment but he was going to go places. These are the guys you want to hang out with, guys with direction, with purpose, with goals. (You have probably pictured one in your head right now. Hold that thought.)

Okay, we should get a name for the guy already. Drew. Drew because I read an awesome story about a Drew today. Plus it’s just a cool way of saying Andrew so I am not going over the top with overly American names that are hardly used in Kenya. Drew knew everything. He knew what to say when she was feeling moody. He used smileys in all his texts and still maintained his manliness. You know that guy who texts the exact same thing you were typing and beats you to it? That was Drew. He literally completed her. Or her sentences. Same thing really. So Drew was a perfect guy. At least Lucy thought so. (Oh, yeah, we are calling her Luce.) He was so perfect that she did not see why she should not tell him that she liked him. She loved him but there is no point freaking a guy out with these big words.

Something else. Drew had a girl. Yes. He did. The reason they hang out so much and talked all day was because he was trying to get away from her. Men. First of all, Lucy was the girl who used her head in every little decision she made. (I say that like you can use some other part of the body to make a decision. Let it slide. You don’t want to have that argument here.) For this particular decision, the one she was going to tell Drew she liked liked him, she already had five theories formulated in her head:

  1. Drew obviously liked her and told her all the bad stories about his girlfriend to let her know what he hated in a relationship so she could adequately prepare for a rosy one with him. Dru and Lu. They rhyme. Perfect.
  2. Drew liked her so much, he did not want to mess the friendship up with feelings. He probably wished she’d do it herself because that way, they would not be messing it up because the feelings were mutual.
  3. Drew’s girl was not really into him. If she was, there was no way she would have been comfortable with him talking to and hanging out with another chick every second of the hours he spent awake.
  4. The whole Drew-has-a-girl story was a fabrication. She’d seen this before. A guy keeps telling you about this girlfriend of his you’ve never met, then a miraculous breakup happens and voila! He’s all yours. Unfortunately it always happened with a guy she did not like like. This time was going to be different.
  5. What’s the worst thing that could happen after declaring her feelings to a hitched guy? Nothing. Just a long period of awkwardness. An eternity, to be frank. But hey, wasn’t she being a proactive woman here? Exactly.

So one day, Lucy went ahead and told Drew she liked him. Via text. Almost. “Hi you! What if I woke one day I told you I liked you? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” Breath was held. The stare was fixed on the WhatsApp screen.

….To be continued

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