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If You Believe the Polls, Cantina Bell is Comin’ for Ya, Chipotle.

By Keewood @sellingeating

First this David Einhorn celeb hedge fund manager dude decides he’s shorting Chipotle stock.

Then BrandIndex shows that the quality perception gap between the brand that brought us a talking chihuahua is threatening the brand that let us download Willie Nelson singing a Coldplay song sooooo earnestly.

It’s Chipotle, the principled but somewhat hifalutin little guy, vs. Cantina Bell, the fun-lovin’ rich kid trying on a lifestyle it once scoffed at. If this were a movie, I don’t really know which character we’d be encouraged to root for.

If you believe the polls, Cantina Bell is comin’ for ya, Chipotle.

Well, wouldja look at that. Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell seems like it might be working while Chipotle starts losing a little mojo (and mojo is, by the way, what Chipotle usually has workin’).

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