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If White Boys Act Bad, Then What Right Do We Have to Complain About Black Boys?

Posted on the 23 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

I don’t agree much with what said. There were some white guys like that when I was in seventh grade, throwing pencils, spitwads, calling people names. The only way to deal with them is for the school to harshly punish them.

You think that only some boys are like that? LOL. All boys act like this. If you were a boy, and you did not go through this crap, I wonder what was wrong with you. If you didn’t go through this, then you were on the other end, right?

Boyhood is bully or be bullied!

Take your pick! No fence-sitting, you need to choose sides.

We weren’t even bad, and we weren’t even all that tough. Most of my friends were not macho boys at all, and we were not macho adults either. Not really anyway. We were just normal.

The bad boys the commenter refers to were the boys who stood out from the crowd and were the worst bullies of all. Of course we had some of those, and some of them bullied me pretty badly. But it was more or less normal to get tormented by those assholes. Lots of people did. What was not acceptable was to be one of the designated victims who got nailed by everyone. Not ok!

As I said, we were not even bad. That behavior in boys isn’t even bad. It’s normal. Compared to us, the bad boys you refer to were flat out evil. They were basically scum, and a lot of them were sort of petty criminals and juvenile delinquents.

What I don’t get is people bitch about ghetto blacks, demanding segregation, criticizing them for hyper-masculine behavior, then do a 360 and praise such behavior among white people, saying it makes boys tough. Really? Well, isn’t that the point of the behavior in other races also?.

Because it’s so much worse! Sure, White boys act bad, but all boys do. If  a man didn’t act bad as a boy, I say would ask what is wrong with him? Is he ok?

Compared to the way White boys act, Black boys are flat out stone fucking evil, ok? And all of the White boys get viciously tormented by the Blacks, all of them, 100%. It doesn’t toughen them up or make men out of them or anything as far as I can tell. All it does is turn them into viciously racist White adults.

Go look in to the childhood histories of a lot of the racist White men who post on here and some of the White nationalist guys on other sites. One thing you will find in common is going to an integrated school often where Blacks were bussed in. The behavior of too many of these Black boys was flat out horrific. A lot of these Internet White racists were viciously bullied by Black boys at school or else witnessed their monstrous behavior.

White boys don’t need to get bullied by Blacks to toughen them up or make men out of them. It doesn’t do either of those things well or at all anyway. Socializing with other White boys takes care of that well enough.

Getting bullied doesn’t make you tough. What makes you tough is making through boyhood by being tough enough or masculine enough that you don’t get bullied in the first place, see? And bullying (not being bullied) toughens up boys too because the objects of their contempt are idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, boys who cry all the time or even effeminate boys.

By bullying these boys, boys are taught that idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, crybabies and sissy boys need to and do get their asses kicked. So you learn that if you act like that, you may well get it. So you learn that being an idiot, an asshole, a psycho, a hypersensitive wuss, a crybaby or a sissy is toxic behavior that may well cause you to get hit with good justification. So as a man you try very hard to not act this way.

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