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If Stress Makes You Stupid, Then I'm Getting Dumber By the Day!

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
We're almost out of the mud. I know this, I can see the light, but the daily struggle doesn't feel any easier. Do you ever wish we could just go back to the days of the caves, where we had all we needed just by hunting and foraging? Or even the days of trade. I've got a nice bunch of basil growing, now can I have some milk?
If Stress Makes You Stupid, Then I'm Getting Dumber By the Day!Did you know that stress actually causes brain damage? It kills off cells required for memory. Perhaps that's why you feel a little foggy when the stress of life is raining down heavily. You can't quite see through the curtain of water falling down around you. You know something is there, you just can't quite grasp it.
Stress causes illness. It weakens the immune system. Stress decreases your creative ability. I'm feeling the impact of this one. Stress shortens your temper - unfortunate for my sweet children during summer vacation. And for me, at least, it lowers my self-esteem. Which, in turn, exaggerates the other negative effects of stress.
Soon, I know. But why not today? When will the knots in my stomach release? When will my shoulders relax? When will I have the time to really be with my children without thinking of the articles I have due or the website I should be working on that will allow me to buy some groceries to feed my family or even thoughts of the laundry that is piling up again... when will those thoughts stop stealing half of my attention from them?
When will I feel focused, rested and free? At peace in my skin and my surroundings? When will the best of me be able to shine through? When will life feel secure again?

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